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Review: Amazon Kindle Paperwhite (2015)
4.5Overall Score

Price (RRP): $179 (starting price); $179 for the WiFi version; $249 for the WiFi/3G version (reviewed model);
Manufacturer: Amazon

Don’t need the crème de la crème when it comes to your eReading experience? Amazon’s Kindle Paperwhite does it with all the clarity of its Voyage sibling, but is less painful on the wallet.

Features and performance

Amazon offers quite a few takes on the Kindle, so it can be a little difficult to pick the one that matches you straight off the bat. In a way, picking a Kindle is like taking part in Goldilocks and the Three Bears, except with Kindles.

So allow us to present you with a retelling of that story, now called “GadgetGuy and the Three Kindles”.

You enter an online store trying to find the right eReader for your life, and are presented with choices.

Amazon's Kindle Voyage

Amazon’s Kindle Voyage

Closing the door, you start with the eReader closest to you. It’s called the “Voyage” and it’s all black, enticing you to pick it up. You do, and you start looking through it, noticing the auto-sensing front-light display, the magnesium body that is strangely soft to the touch, some neat control points to let you flip pages simply by squeezing the sides, and one of the sharpest screens on the planet. It’s like reading a book, only without the weight and the ability to store more books.

You pore over it thinking it’s perfect, but then you look for the price tag, spying the numbers “299” sitting next to a dollar sign, making you almost step back in concern.

“Agh!” you shriek. “This is too rich for my blood!”

Amazon's white Kindle Touch

Putting it down, you scramble to the other side of the table where a white Kindle is waiting for you. It’s roughly the same size but much thicker, and while the screen looks nice in black and white, it doesn’t quite look as high end.

But you’ve seen eReaders before, and this sort of looks like the entry-level of the bunch, carrying a $109 price tag, so this won’t suit you, not at all.

“Bleh!” you exclaim, “this is too just too poor.”


You look around and sight the Kindle in the middle, and wonder why you didn’t just walk over to that to begin with (it’s like a children’s story, after all, so there’s your reason), so you do that and pick it up, and that’s when you notice you’re fiddling with the Amazon Kindle Paperwhite.

This one is thicker than the Voyager, but it doesn’t look overly chunky, at least in comparison to the budget Kindle you checked out before this.