Things like a lack of waterproofing, because having a more scratch-resistant screen is great, but so is having a phone that can take a dive in the pool, or survive an encounter with the toilet. We still don’t understand how you drop a phone in the toilet, but there are phones that can now survive this, and given the cost of the iPhone 6, this should be one of them.

Apple has made some cool changes, though, and that Apple logo on the back is now an antenna, which should improve signal, while the construction of the phone also makes it possible for the Apple Pay technology to be used by holding the phone in different directions, or it will when the technology is rolled out in Australia.

But then there’s the battery, and if you sole reason for buying an iPhone 6 was because the battery should be better, well, we’ve got news for you.

Battery life

While a bigger screen may well be high on the wishlist for Apple’s iPhone-owning customers, battery life was the chief concern.

We’ve often heard from so many of Apple’s vocal owners — and they’re pretty vocal — that the iPhone 4, 4S, 5, and 5S just don’t last the length of a day, what with all their calls, texts, emails, Facebooking, tweets, game playing, YouTubing, photo taking, video capturing, music streaming, and just about anything else their wonderous computer in a pocket slapped with an Apple logo can do.

The truth is doing all of that is going to take a dent out of any battery, but recently, manufacturers of other handsets running Android and Windows Phone can reach a full day to a day and a half on a regular basis, with as much as two days possible from some of them. That’s with Bluetooth on, with a few phone calls, texts, emails, web surfing, camera use, and games.

So how does the iPhone 6 compete?

Outside, the screen isn't too bad.

Before we received review units, we looked at the specs, the numbers, did the math, and we weren’t confident: a slightly bigger screen running at a slightly different resolution with the same amount of pixels per inch, and a marginally larger battery didn’t spell a good result.

And after testing it for several days, we can confirm that it is more or less exactly what we predicted.

While the combination of the A8 processor and M8 motion chip may well conserve power better than previous efforts, the increase from a 1560mAh battery to an 1810mAh has done pretty much nothing to extend the life, and you’ll find more or less the same battery from the iPhone 5C on the iPhone 6.

That is to say the iPhone 6 lasts a day. Ish.

Our test was conducted with making phone calls, sending texts, emails, taking photos and the odd video, playing a game here and there, listening to music, social networking, and surfing the web, and throughout this, we found a life of one day was possible, but only just. Technically, it wasn’t a full 24 hours, with a 7am unplug to needing the charge at half past midnight.

That’s not a great result, and iPhone owners keen for more will certainly be frustrated, as they’ll still be forced to carry a battery recharge brick with them if they get more done on their deliciously thin phones than we do.