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AppMonday: Camera+
4.5Overall Score

Price (RRP): $4.49

There’s nothing wrong with Apple’s camera app for the iPhone, but if you fancy yourself more than a casual snapper, it’s a little under-powered. Fortunately, there’s an app for that, too.

Easily one of the more impressive camera apps we’ve seen recently, Camera+ takes the existing camera app and applies a little more control, allowing you to change focus and metering points.

You don’t have to do this, mind you, and can generally just take pictures with an automatic mode engaged, but if you feel like you want more light and speed control, Camera+ lets you get into the nitty gritty, disconnecting the exposure control and focus points and moving them around, allowing you to meter based on a different part of the scene and yet focus in a different region.


Once you’ve started doing this, you’ll find the controls start to open up, with a slide wheel on the screen allowing you to change exposure values, sensitivity settings, or timing values, all of which add up to offering the controls photographic enthusiasts and professionals have come to expect out of modern day cameras.


With the right settings employed, you can fire the shot, saving it to the Camera+ system, where the real fun begins.

You see Camera+ is a little more than just a camera replacement, offering a modicum of control for how the image is exported in the end.


Keen to have colour more like a different time of day? Change it.

After a little more clarity? Increase that definition and bring the image to life.

A fan of Instagram and VSCO but are after more of a photographic and film-like quality? Throw that in, too.


When it comes to features, Camera+ certainly has them in abundance, offering layered filters including a “clarity” mode that acts as both an HDR filter and a sharpening tool, post-shot scene modes to change the way the colour and light responds, borders, captions, and more than just your standard square cropping tools.

Camera+ doesn’t quite offer the same complexity as apps like Snapseed, that said, so if you’re expecting to do some targeted changes to your image in this tool, forget about it. Rather, this is about enhancing the camera significantly for people who want to amp up the colour, the clarity, and the feeling that the iPhone camera could be used for more than just the casual snap or two.