For people familiar with music reading, this shouldn’t pose too much of a problem, though it would have been nice to see a little more interactivity to point you to the right location, which would have been super handy for new players that may not be as quick with the reading of the notes.

A chromatic tuner is nice to see inside a sheet music app.

A chromatic tuner is nice to see inside a sheet music app.

Overall, we love the idea of Chromatik, not just because it connects the music you want to play with a system that is somewhat easy to follow along with, but also because it offers sheet music in an easy to find place, and that’s something written music often lacks.

Finding that song you want to play outside of the world of piano and violin isn’t always easy, and this application puts so many arrangements in the same place, and without cost.


Unfortunately, as much as we love Chromatik, it does appear to be reasonably buggy, exhibiting not just a slower system that often needs to be force closed, but an inability to connect with its server.

You don’t have to do much to get this error, but try to download music at the wrong time and you’ll get one of the “unable to get tune” errors without fail, basically telling you the servers aren’t talking to the app.


In our time with the app, we’ve had this at least once a day, with the error revealing itself for a good hour or so, even with the latest version of the app and the iPad reset.

From what we’re seeing, we don’t think this is an iPad issue, but rather a problem with either the app or the Chromatik web site it talks with, and that means when it does happen, you are out of luck.


Compounding this is the lack of an offline mode for the app, meaning you have to go online to get your sheet music, but if the server is down or the connection doesn’t work, you cannot play your music.

That’s the most frustrating aspect of Chromatik, because while we could live without an offline mode — because there’s WiFi in so many places — not being able to connect to the service just to get the song you want to play makes Chromatik difficult to deal with.


It’s just so frequent a bug, too, and we found it over on the iPhone version. It seems you can’t escape from the bug, so expect it to pop up when you least expect it, but probably when you really want to play something that you can’t find anywhere else.