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You can also get extra weapons and even sidekicks by blowing up mystery boxes in the game, which can provide help to your endless arcade shooting quest, at least until you get blown up next, and there’s also an extra continue… at a cost.


Ah, you knew there was a catch somewhere, but it’s not necessarily the same catch you’ve come to expect.

Instead of asking you to fork over money to keep playing — you know, like most games with freemium content and even the old arcade machine — you might be asked to spend a few of those coins you’ve previously amassed from playing, or even watch an advertisement.

Don't want to spend the coin for a continue? You can always watch an ad. Or just not continue.

Don’t want to spend the coin for a continue? You can always watch an ad. Or just not continue.

Watching an advertisement is exactly what you think it is, and you’ll sit through a 15 to 30 second advertisement for another game, with the end result being that you can continue the game. Leave early and it won’t work, but watch it all the way through — or don’t, because no one’s forcing you to keep your eyes on the screen — and you’ll get a continue.

You can also get specialty boxes every couple of hours with extra coins or weapons, and these add to the fun of the game.

So where’s the freemium content?


Well, much like how Pac-man 256 had a simple and not so insulting way of throwing in the freemium content, Shooty Skies only makes you get your wallet out if you want to unlock different characters and the various worlds they let you play on.

Other than that, you’re playing with the same crazy retro-inspired 3D block world and characters, with bad guys ranging from boom boxes to computers to YouTube screens to birds to Space Invaders.

Simply put, Shooty Skies is crazy fun that is super addictive, and you won’t feel like you’re being ripped off when you play. Fantastic.


Shooty Skies is available now for iOS (iPhone and iPad).

AppMonday: Shooty Skies
Price (RRP): $Free Manufacturer: Mighty Games
5.0Overall Score
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