Arlo Go LTE – no Wi-Fi allowed (review)
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Arlo Go LTE is a wireless broadband security camera with a Telco sim socket. It is marketed in Australia by Telstra.

Logically, Telstra has bundled it with a 24-month data package that ranges from 1GB per month to 25GB (20GB plus a 5GB promotional bonus). Telstra currently provides a bonus A$149 Arlo Solar Panel to recharge the unit.

Arlo Go LTE

The Arlo Go LTE (Australian website here) model VML4030-1TAUS  supports 3G-850MHz, and 4G-750/1800Mhz only. Check your camera location is covered by the Telstra network first.

But I can buy Arlo Go LTE cheaper on eBay

JB Hi-Fi has the Telstra model for $599 outright plus a Telstra Data plan.  It is possibly the only approved reseller of this model.

It is essential if you buy any other Arlo Go LTE model to ensure that it works with an Australian sim and carrier. Note also that Arlo Go LTE does not work with Arlo base stations – it is 3/4G only.

In other words, avoid any imported models like the plague. US models that don’t work here include.

  • VML4030-100NAS – AT&T
  • VML4030-200NAS – Arlo Mobile
  • VML4030-VHQ – Verizon

What size data plan do you need?

It is hard to know how much data you need because it depends on motion detection events and how much live viewing you do.

[email protected] video consumes about 4.5MB a minute to upload to the Arlo cloud. Motion detection events consume about 1.5MB each.

On that basis, 1GB (1,000MB) is equal to 222 minutes per month or about 7.4 minutes per day.

My advice is to start with a low data package and adjust up. The commitment is for 24 months, and substantial early termination charges apply (essentially the camera cost).

Viewing images in the cloud library uses smartphone data, not camera data. Live viewing uses both.

Out of the box – Arlo Go LTE from Telstra

  • Arlo Go LTE camera
  • 3660mAh removable battery
  • Outdoors (water resistant – not proof) micro-USB 5V/1.3A and 9V/1A fast charger
  • Arlo 1/4” screw mount
  • Setup guide
  • No microSD card provided
  • Bonus Arlo solar panel recharger

It is a little more chubby than the Arlo/Pro/Pro 2 (GadgetGuy review here) but shares the Arlo family design cues.

Arlo Go LTE