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Arlo Pro 2 charging

Details of the Pro 2 are in our review. The 2440mAh battery uses a 5V/1.8A and 9V/1.1A charger that fills 0-100% in three hours. You can also use a 5V/2 or 3A charger as long as you have a micro-USB cable with a small shroud that fits the camera charge receptacle.

Ultra mounting

The base is flat, and there is a ¼-inch screw mount on the rear. The magnetic wall mount ($69 for a pair) requires you screw it to a surface and then its magnet will hold the Arlo camera’s internal steel frame. It is not compatible with other Arlo cameras.

Arlo Ultra hero

The optional screw mount (VMA1000/B white or black – about $25) has a standard ¼-inch tripod screw mount and fits all Arlo and Go Pro style cameras. It gives 360° rotation and 90° tilt.

Arlo Ultra 1/4 mont

Pro 2 mounting

The Arlo Pro 2 that has a magnetic ‘rear’ that will stick like glue to steel poles and door frames. You can also use the half golf-ball magnetic mount.

Arlo Pro 2

Setup – all

Download the Arlo app for Android (tested) or iOS. There is also a browser portal that you can access via PC or Mac.

First, set up an Arlo account. It needs to know a fair amount of information and requires camera, location, storage, phone and contacts access. While this is a lot, it needs this to operate as a remote security camera service. You can turn contacts off if you don’t share the account with family or friends.

Then, add the SmartHub. While it is simple, it does take time to update firmware (if needed) and has a quirk that every time you add another device, it checks if the SmartHub firmware is up to date – a pain adding a few minutes to each new device addition.

The SmartHub has microSD slot for local recording. It accepts from 16-256GB, FAT32, Class 10, UHS 3 cards. A 60-second 4K clip will be about 30MB so buy the largest card you can afford.

The only app changes are for time/zone and flicker adjustment (Auto 50Hz for Australia).

Next, add devices – in this case, we went for them all!

The Ultra camera is easy – plug in a charged battery, place it near the hub and use the app to ‘Add Camera’. It finds the camera (if not, there is a hidden manual sync button) and you name it. It will update the camera firmware.

Arlo Pro/2 requires that you plug in a battery and press the camera sync button. If you have existing Pro/2 cameras, make sure, the firmware is up to date first via your old base station.

Lights require adding the Well Light Bridge first (it connects between the lights and the SmartHub) and then you add and name lights.

Add the Doorbell first followed by the Chime. Then pair them (or you can use an existing wired chime as well).

Apart from the endless firmware checking Arlo have done an excellent job in flawlessly adding the devices to the app. The app will also indicate battery state and in the Arlo Ultra camera case – signal strength.

Arlo Ultra

Now here is where it may get interesting – you can add extra SmartHubs and Base Stations to the app.

If you have a typical large Aussie split-level home, the chances are that your Wi-Fi router is in the worst area like a cupboard or back room away from most of your Wi-Fi devices.