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Arlo Wired Video Doorbell – simply the brightest and the best
4.4Overall Score
Name: Arlo Wired Video Doorbell
Price (RRP): $289
Manufacturer: Arlo

The new Arlo Wired Video Doorbell is simply the best you can get – by a country mile. But it is not without some caveats as GadgetGuy’s review found.

We will go through those caveats to see if you qualify for an Arlo Wired Video Doorbell.

  1. Do you want a video doorbell to see/talk to who is at the front door even if you are not at home? If yes, move to point 2. If no, why are you reading this review?
  2. Do you own an Arlo security system – preferably a next-gen Arlo 4K Ultra or 2K Pro 3 and understand that high image quality is the solution. If yes, move to point 3. If no, you must be using an inferior Wi-Fi-based security camera, so stop reading now. Well you can use the Arlo Video Dorbell wiithout an Arlo camera sytem as well.
  3. Do you currently have a wired doorbell (not Wireless)? If yes, move to point 4. If no, stop reading.
  4. Are you prepared to spend a few hundred dollars more to get a sparky to install it? If yes, then you qualify. If no, then stop reading.
  5. Oh, and would you prefer to get a video camera from a company that absolutely, positively does not sell your data, unlike the other main contender does? If yes, then its Arlo for you. If no, then expect a tsunami of advertisements for stuff you did not even know you wanted.

OK, sorry for what appears to be an overt push to the Arlo solution. Those that know GadgetGuy know that we are 100% independent. Sadly, we are the last free Australian-owned ‘deep-dive’ website that tests the products against manufactures claims. We do not charge for review, nor do we take affiliate commissions or click-throughs – all links are free of trackers. That is how we keep our high credibility.

Arlo Wired Video Doorbell AVD1001-100AUS

Arlo Wired Video Doorbell
  • Australian website here
  • Price: $289 from JB Hi-Fi, Harvey Norman and other Arlo authorised resellers
  • Warranty: 1-year ACL compliant. Details here. Note Arlo Australia can only offer a warranty on Australian models from approved retailers due to Australian certification requirements, and the issue of counterfeit and refurbished product.
  • Country of manufacture: Indonesia
  •  Arlo is an American publicly listed company after a spin-off from NETGEAR

OK Challenge #1

Look at the name – Arlo Wired Video Doorbell.

Now while Arlo state, “Install it yourself by connecting to your home’s existing doorbell wiring” there is a catch or two.

Arlo requires 240V AC to 16-24V AC 10VA power (as do its competitors like Nest or Ring). Wired power means continuity of service and enables higher resolution day and night vision.

Strong Warning: The Electrical Safety Act requires a qualified electrician if connecting anything to a domestic supply other than a 240V AC plug pack.

The moment you see AC (alternating current) you should use a licensed electrician, especially as you may have to hardwire the transformer into the home’s 240V power supply. No sparky = no insurance if the house burns down from a DIY install.

Arlo Wired Video Doorbell

Next catch. According to Lawrence and Hanson and RJ Turk (two major electrical wholesalers to the trade), Australia mainly uses 8V/1A DC power to run its wired ‘ding-dong’ Friedland/Honeywell doorbells (no electrician required as it is DC and usually has a plug pack). According to my sparky, he has never used 16V AC to wire up a door/chime or bell.

Arlo Wired Video Doorbell

RJ Turk does have a 240V to 16V AC transformer plug pack (not a wired in) used for security alarms for about $50, so we decided to go with that. Mind you it did not have any wired 16V AC ding-dong chimes to replace my 8V DC Friedland chime.

Strong warning: You cannot buy the transformer from the US as the input voltage is 120V @60Hz – we need 220-240V, 50Hz input.

Ding-dong – Avon calling

A wired video doorbell also needs a chime.

We searched the internet for a 16V AC chime, and yes these were common in the US working with Nest, Ring and Arlo! These were relatively cheap US$30-50, but the freight/GST/handling was a killer – anywhere from US$50-150 extra.

The other choice is to get an Arlo 240V Plugin Chime (AC1001) for $99 – done! Arlo also has a battery-operated Smart Audio Doorbell (AAD1001) for $129 that works with its chime, but it too requires 16V AC if you want to use it with a ding-dong chime. Deja-vu.


After reading the online installation instructions, my friendly sparky quoted $120 labour plus the transformer – that seemed reasonable. First, he had to disconnect the existing 8V doorbell and chime. He tested the existing wiring to make sure it could handle 16V AC and declared it safe.