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With that finished, however, you can get to using your Android Wear watch, and from here, it’s more or less the same style of product we’ve seen from previous Android Wear devices.


Granted, we’re using the latest software, and so we have a more cleaned up interface, with a watch face being shown pretty much all of the time, which can lead to the apps, favourite contacts, and Google voice commands simply by swiping from right to left from that watch face.

Each of these occurs after each other, and that recent update (as of June 2015) means Android Wear has never been easier to get around, though it still doesn’t do much.

Yes, even with the Asus ZenWatch software, Android Wear is primarily a watch with a notification screen thrown in for good measure, almost making it a second display for your phone, so you don’t have to keep taking it out.


Your emails will pop up in short form on that screen, as will alerts to messages, notifications from your weather app or security system, and you can even swipe away phone calls if you don’t want to answer them or swipe them in to pick them up.

Asus does bring in a little bit of extra functionality with apps you can download, allowing you to control a phone camera with the watch, move music over to the device, and even allow gestures to activate a torch or compass.


Mostly, though, the Asus ZenWatch differs from other smartwatches with the amount of watch faces Asus has thrown in, and that’s actually probably the best feature of the ZenWatch.

While most of the other manufacturers feel like they only want to give you a sampling of the sort of watch faces your change-whenever-you-would-like electronic watch can handle, sending you to Google’s Play Store for the rest, Asus has actually spent some time with designers and made something.


In fact, it has made quite a few, offering you a fair amount of slightly customisable watch faces offering different colours in modern designs that felt like they were made for this shape fake mechanical cog watches, and quite a few mixtures in between with analogue and digital styles.

Colour screens for all of these watches are offered, but even when the phone is in standby, you get nice basic monochromatic versions that don’t lessen the impact and still make you feel as if you’re using a real watch, and that’s the interesting part about the ZenWatch, as it it’s one of the closest experiences to have not just a smart device but a watch on your wrist.

But while we like the design and appreciate the extra watch faces, the performance of the ZenWatch leaves a little to be desired.