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Yes, just like you’d come to expect with Moore’s Law, and how a device is always out of date the moment you buy it, the Asus ZenWatch 2 has literally just been announced the week this review came to being published. The local arm of Asus hasn’t mentioned anything about it, and so we have nothing official at the time of publishing on our website, but it has been announced.


We need to acknowledge that we’re not terribly late with the review, even if that’s how it might appear to look. In fact, Asus only announced that the first generation ZenWatch was only going to be hitting stores sometime in April, and we received it in late-May.

It’s now June and Asus is already talking about a new ZenWatch, making us wonder just how long it is until Asus sends this our way. We have no concrete availability information, but our guess would be somewhere between August and October.

That makes the first-generation ZenWatch a little harder to swallow, though if Asus dropped the price a little *ahem*clears-throat*ahem*, we’re sure more people would take notice.

Against the other smartwatches, Asus is offering something unique, that’s for sure, but just make sure you have the patience to deal with the software quirks, because it certainly comes with its fair share of those, too.

Review: Asus ZenWatch
Price (RRP): $299 Manufacturer: Asus
Looks and feels a little different to other smart watches; Comfortable; Offers more customisable watch faces than other smart watches; Leather strap is quite nice;
Requires an extra app "Asus ZenManager" to work; Crashes fairly frequently, and usually when Bluetooth is used for something else; Screen doesn’t always respond when you wave your hand or bring it back from standby; Only one day of battery life;
Value for money
Ease of Use
3.4Overall Score
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