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Install the software (caution Windows may try to block it, but you can over-ride that).

When two hosts are connected, it sets up a screen share and USB-C peer-to-peer network to allow drag and drop files, mouse and keyboard sharing.

The remote button is the only enigma. It selects the outport port because the switch is a switch – not a hub.

Who is the ATEN US3342 4-port USB-C Gen 2 sharing switch for?

OK, it has a specific market – anyone that has two host devices and wants to share peripherals.

For example, at my office, a few people have a Windows 10 laptop and a MacBook because they need to access different software. Data transfer is via a ‘sneaker-net’ (it does not interfere with any LAN). This breaks down the barrier, and they can plug in a shared external drive, mouse, keyboard, scanner, printer etc.


 But I see a great need for programmers, developers, system administrators, PC repair technicians, and content creators to enhance the efficiency of dual-system operations.


$220 but suppliers like Mwave have it for $199 plus freight

Warranty: 2 years

ATEN US3342 4-port USB-C Gen 2 sharing switch
Name: ATEN US3342 4-port USB-C Gen 2 sharing switch Price (RRP): $199 Manufacturer: ATEN
ATEN build and qualityWorks well although seamless drag and drop can lagFor PC and Mac
No iPad or Android tablet support yetSoftware is V1.0.001
Value for money
Ease of Use
4.8Overall Score
Reader Rating 2 Votes