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Aussie awesomeness: Audiofly AF180 in-ear monitors reviewed
4.6Overall Score
Name: AF180
Price (RRP): $549.95
Manufacturer: Audiofly

Sick of your regular in-earphones and want something higher quality? Australian earphone maker might even have something to tempt your ears, with a pair of in-ear monitors that deliver volume in droves.


A new model by Australian sound company Audiofly, the AF180 in-ear monitors are actually a pair of in-ear monitors with not just one driver, but four, with a crossover connection sending the audio signal to one of the four drivers.

Cables connect to the base of the AF180 IEMs by way of Soundpatch technology, meaning they can be detached at the earphone level, making for easy replacement that won’t affect the overall value or construction of the important part, the earphone itself.

This cable, however, supports a lightweight constructed with a braided and twisted build, connecting to a thicker cable reinforced with Cordura, a nylon cotton blend that gives strength to the rest of the cord. A small transparent cable tightener is also included on the cable, helping you to lessen the amount of cable is loose as you’re walking around.,

Several tips are included in the box for the Audiofly AF180s — more than normal — with three sizes of silicon tips, tri-flange silicon tips, and Comply foam tips, with small (S), medium (M), and large (L) sizes of each.

A 3.5mm to 6.25mm headset jack converter is also included, as is an aeroplane converter (twin jack), and a cleaning tool.

A carrying case is also included in the box.


Go to most electronic stores and you’ll find something we’ve secretly been hoping for for years: the death of the traditional earbud.

Once a staple in consumer audio electronics, the earbud — that is, a small speaker developed to sit outside the ear-canal and bombard the ear with sound — is going away, replaced by inexpensive versions of the canalphone, which many are now referring to as in-earphones.

These new earphones aren’t quite as high-end as their IEM cousins, taking some of that design and technology and throwing it into something small, fashionable, and not overly expensive, which the in-ear monitor generally can’t match on all of these fronts.

Where the IEM surpasses its in-earphone family member, however, is quality, and if you’ve already tried out the in-earphone but now want something stronger and better, it might be time to give the in-ear monitor a go.

There are quite a few of these out in the market, with established players such as Shure, Etymotic, and Ultimate Ears already taking up popular spaces in the IEM world, but now we’re seeing an Aussie brand provide an alternative, as Audiofly releases its AF180s to people everywhere.

For those who haven’t heard of the brand, it’s a brand hailing from Western Australia, launching in 2011 by musicians who wanted to make better quality earphones made for people who love music as much as the team did.