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The new music box: Bang & Olufsen’s Beolit 15 reviewed
3.9Overall Score

Price (RRP): $699
Manufacturer: Bang & Olufsen

Bang & Olufsen’s take on the portable speaker is one of the more interesting portables you’ll ever see simply because it’s like carrying around a box of sound. Literally.

Features and performance

Trust the Danish to make the Bluetooth speaker look nothing like any Bluetooth speaker we’ve seen before, because with the Bang & Olufsen Beolit 15, that’s precisely what we’re getting.

While the majority of speakers we see tend to take on the look and feel of a drink bottle — a cylinder — Bang’s Beolit is a little different, resembling a box with a strap.


And that’s a real strap as a handle, as B&O delivers a strip of leather attached to two small pegs on either side.


With this design employed and the familiar shape of a speaker grill surrounding the Beolit 15, the look of the box is almost that of a small drinks esky, or at the very least, a bucket.

So consider the Beolit to be a Danish bucket of sound, because we sure are, with the plastic two tone take on a speaker bringing with a fair amount of heft for the two 35 watt Class D amps working with a reasonable assortment of drivers, including two 4 inch passive bass, three 1.5 inch mid-tweeters, and one 5.5 inch full-range driver.

These components come together with a mostly plastic body and aluminium grill to weigh around 2.7 kilograms, making it more like a bucket than you might expect, though there’s also a battery here.


Yes, this is a portable speaker, and while the figure-eight plug used to charge the speaker can also be stored with a neat little cabinet at the back of the unit, you’ll also find a standard USB port for charging a phone or media player, in case that iPhone of yours is running out of charge mid-way through playback.

You can opt to plug in your phone through a 3.5mm cable if you want, or you can do what the Beolit was made to do, and transmit audio wirelessly using Bluetooth.

To do this, simply pair the Bang & Olufsen Beolit 15 by holding the Bluetooth button down on the top of the speaker to switch it into pairing mode, and then simply look for the speaker using your phone’s Bluetooth settings. Once they find each other, connections are easy and good to go, and you are literally good to play your music.


One thing the Beolit has going for it is the volume of sound, and sitting in the middle of the volume reading on the iPhone 6S we were testing with, the Bang & Olufsen speaker pushed out enough sound for us and the GadgetGuy 2016 Sound Test.