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BenQ TH585 2020 Home Entertainment Projector
4.3Overall Score
Name: BenQ TH585
Price (RRP): $1399
Manufacturer: BenQ

Home projectors are making a comeback during the COVID crisis. The BenQ TH585 is one of its more affordable 1080p projectors in the huge BenQ range including 1080p, 4K and large venue projectors.

We are looking at the BenQ TH585 which is one of six of its 2020 Home Entertainment Projector range. Ironically as we review this, BenQ is frantically trying to get more stock due to increased sales.

Why? Well, it is not just the BenQ TH585 but almost all models

A projectors attraction is a giant screen. If you have space, it can turn your home into a sports arena, a Pilates studio, gym or even a French countryside for cyclists. And there is nothing quite like a 100-200” blockbuster movie.

For example, the 16:9 (TV widescreen format) can easily extend up to 200” (5-metres diagonal) if you have a clear 6-metre projection distance. At the extreme, you can get 300” (7.6m) if you have 10m projection distance. Although as we found the sweet spot for brightness and resolution is somewhere between 100-150”.

BenQ TH585

Because of the huge range, we will review this as part of an explanation of various projector terms.

Do I need a projector?

With 55-65” 4K TVs now from well under $1000 and top-of-the-range at <$5000 you would be right to wonder why projectors continue to exist at all.

It comes down to things like space, ambient light control, and ironically portability (for such a big image).

  • Space: You need at least a 3 metre, uninterrupted projection distance (100” screen)
  • Ambient light control – you need to have a darkened room – darker the better
  • Portability means instead of a hulking big heavy TV you want something you can pick up and move around
  • And on dollar-per-inch screen size, a projector is hard to beat.

BenQ has a buyer’s guide here.

Is it as good as OLED or QLED TV?

No. Even the top laser 100-120” projectors don’t quite have the same HDR/Dolby Vision image qualities, but they are not far off. In the right circumstances – e.g., a dedicated media room – a projector can provide a great viewing experience.

BenQ TH585

Review: BenQ TH585

  • Website here
  • Price: $1399 from Mwave and Videopro
  • Country of manufacture: China
  • BenQ is a Taiwanese company
  • Warranty: 2-years Australian ACL Warranty and 6mth/750hr lamp life
BenQ TH585
BenQ TH585

What is a Home Entertainment series projector?

Simply put it projects an image from a PC, Blu-ray, DVD, set-top-box, smartphone or more as long as these have an HDMI, HDMI/MHL, VGA or a USB drive.

The BenQ TH585 is a 1920 x 1080, SDR (standard dynamic range) and costs $1399. You can get 4K HDR a Home Entertainment series projector from $1795 to $2999.

This range sits below the CineHome, CinePro and CinePrime range. Call it a value projector.


For some reason, projector makers quote brightness in ANSI Lumens. BTW 3.426 Lumens is approximately one nit. In my opinion, nits is a more consistent way to measure brightness at a TV screen or projector screen.

This has 3500 Lumens, and it defaults to 50% brightness (you can increase that). That is about 1000/500nits. Do not get me wrong – that is a lot of nits – a top TV may reach 800-1000 nits (more in small patches if they are Dolby Atmos/HDR10+ certified).

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