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Review: Benq WiT LED desk lamp
3.9Overall Score

Price (RRP): $249
Manufacturer: Benq

Benq may not be a brand you typically associate with lights, and we know it best for monitors, but your next work light could come from some neat R&D at this company.


Benq has built itself something rather unusual in the form of the “WiT”, which the company states is a name broken up from the words “wide”, “intelligent”, and “tailor-made”. That might be the case, but we’re just going to call the “Wit” simply because constantly capitalising that extra “T” looks silly, and will do our heads in trying to write the review.

So what is this Wit thing, and does it have the potential to change the way we view our desks?


What is it?

A company normally known for monitors is doing something a little different this year, as it looks to the research used for making monitors better for our health and applies it to something else that offers light.

Specifically, it’s a light, and one geared at people who are beginning to understand that light comes in all sorts of different styles, with colours and lighting temperatures changing the way you work, study, and relax.

That’s something people will begin to understand more and more as lights become infinitely more controllable and customisable, as is the case with the Philips Hue and LiFX light bulbs allowing you to use your phone and tablet to not only switch lights on and off, but also customise the colour space.

But what if you want a single light to do this, to test the waters, so to speak, and see if a colour changing light source could make your work life or home life just that much better?

The Benq solution is to bundle the technology into an LED lamp, which is exactly what the Wit is, a relatively large swing-arm desk lamp that features LEDs on a curved lamp casing, with one knob and one circular touch-based control.



A rather unusual design, it’s clear Benq wants its Wit to stand out, and has gone to some trouble to make sure this thing works a little differently from your conventional light.

For instance, there’s a small metallic loop at the back of the lamp, and this is your “on” switch. You won’t realise it until you touch it, but the moment you do, the Benq Wit will come to life, lighting up your room and life like you’d expect a lamp to do.


The only other control on the Wit is the control knob near the metallic touch power switch, and this has two modes: brightness or colour switching.