Two SIM-ejectable trays can also be found on the BlackBerry Classic, providing a nanoSIM slot and a microSD slot.

The battery is built into the BlackBerry Classic and is rated for 2515mAh.


Is the world ready for another BlackBerry, or is BlackBerry ready for the world?

It has been a while since we got to play with a BlackBerry, but the company is back and ready for another stab at the smartphone space, offering a phone that brings with it the style of BlackBerry, the hardware keyboard its fans and previous owners have loved, and a body that looks professional.

Pick up the Classic and you can see a phone that exudes quality, though it is fairly hefty. The edges are metal with the back a textured plastic that is very easy to grip, and the front is classic BlackBerry, with the small keyboard beneath.

Those are real keys here, with more buttons on this one phone than practically all of the currently used smartphones in the office put together, and that’s a BlackBerry thing, plain and simple.

Grip the edge and you’ll find three buttons, with ones made for media on the side, representing volume up, volume down, with pause and play wedged in between and sharing the same little silver button. If you like to listen to music and haven’t grabbed a pair of wireless headphones, these will become very familiar shortly.

Up top, however, is the power button, and given that this is a smallish handset, it’s within reach for most people, even those of us with smaller hands.

Overall, there’s a good solid heft to the unit, though it is much heavier than other phones of its size, clocking in at 177 grams even though it only has a 3.5 inch screen.

Let’s talk about that screen, though, because it’s definitely worth a mention, BlackBerry bringing the unorthodox 3.5 inch display running a resolution of 720×720. It’s the first thing you’ll notice when you switch the phone on, and it will offer decent viewing angles and crisp colour with only a smidgen of wash-out at the extremes.

Touch is also offered through this display, welcome with the physical keyboard beneath, and you’ll even find a unique gesture system offered to get around BlackBerry’s operating system.