Bring the phone back from standby and you’ll see the time, your next event, and several numbers under notifications informing you how many new messages you have, how many Facebook messages you’ve missed, and how many times someone tried to call you.

This screen is clear, concise, and very informative, and you merely have to press each icon to get a preview of what the information is, though sometimes you might accidentally unlock the phone, so just be aware of that.

Otherwise, you can simply swipe your phone to unlock it, which starts off those gestures we mentioned before.

Swiping to unlock is very basic, though, so what else can you do?

In the phone, you’ll find the right most button above the keyboard will bring you back to the main BlackBerry multi-task system, and this really serves as the home button, since you’re jumping between applications.

Swipe from left to right here and you’ll get to your leftmost screen, the BlackBerry Hub.

This is where all the notifications go, and not just short messages, but everything your BlackBerry connects to: Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Exchange, Google, Hotmail, whatever.

If your BlackBerry can access it, the information will go here, and while it will stay in the separate application as well, accessible in those places, you’ll find everything in the BlackBerry Hub, searchable and indexed by date and time, though also filtered if you need it by the account.

Easily, this is one of the best things about BlackBerry, and if you live and die by how many notifications, emails, alerts, messages, calls, and random digital buzzes you get, this will be of use.

Swipe right to left to get back to the home screen, and then right to left again to reach the app menu, and this will be pretty much what you’re used to on every phone, with several app shortcuts to anything and everything you’ve installed.

You can also swipe down to get menus and settings inside these menus, which the BlackBerry button will also do on the top row of the keyboard, a sort of settings button, if you will.

Two other buttons are obvious here, too, such as the left most button which will bring up the phone dealer, while the back button is pretty standard (if you guessed that it goes back, you win).