Connections here include 4G, which is great to have, but our speeds tests weren’t showing download speeds as high as we’re used to, toping out around 55Mbps for download and around 7Mbps for upload. These speeds suggest Category 4 4G LTE might be here, at least for the download, though we’re surprised the upload speeds are as low as they are.

While these will be fast enough for most, they are by no means the best in terms of mobile internet speeds we’ve seen.

The performance is a bit of a let down, as well, with lag easily noticed as you make your way across apps, pressing a button only to have it respond half a second to a full second later. Slowdowns are relatively frequent, and while the multitasking offered here makes it easy to jump between apps, doing it in a speedy fashion isn’t always something you’ll see.

Battery life is also affected, and we saw performance for the Classic really hit only a full day of use.

This was a phone connected to Exchange, Gmail, Twitter, Facebook, and used as a phone, a web surfer, reading and writing emails, social networking, camera, and music player, as you do, with battery life hitting barely over a day, and if we’re honest, that was just for a regular run down.

Use your phone consistently every day and power users will want to charge it before day’s end, a result that isn’t all that stellar when it is competing against smartphones that can nab a full day more in comparison.

Our battery test comes straight from the lock screen. You'll see a full 24 hours here, but just barely.

Also something that needs work is the app eco system. We mentioned it earlier, and sure, it’s great that BlackBerry supports both Android apps and those made for BlackBerry, but it needs more access to the former and more made on the latter.

Unfortunately, there just aren’t enough apps made for BlackBerry, missing staples for other phones that even feature on Windows Phone, which is arguably one of the ecosystems that also needs more work and more larger app releases.

As such, there’s no Instagram, and no official Pandora or Spotify app for the BlackBerry operating system, and we’re sure if you look, you’ll find other apps that you use on a regular basis are missing in action.

Another point we feel we need to touch upon is the keyboard, and frankly, it won’t be for everyone.

We can remember reviewing BlackBerry handsets earlier on and liking the keyboard, and knowing full well that the tactile QWERTY keypad was one of the best ways to get messages out, to respond to emails on the go without having to get the laptop out and draft emails ready to be sent as soon as WiFi could be found.

But not this time, not several years after the on-screen keyboard has been improved dramatically and gesture typing now makes writing as speedy as running your fingers over letters to trace a line.