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These days, we’re writing more quickly using a touchscreen, and typing letter by letter on a hardware keyboard just doesn’t cut it anymore. We actually felt slower with the BlackBerry Classic’s keyboard, drafting emails and Twitter responses in a more sluggish time frame than we’d have normally liked, our fingers feeling positively lethargic as we pushed each letter instead of quickly typing words in.

This isn’t helped by how cramped the keyboard is, and knowing that if you want to type quickly, you seriously need to hold the phone with two hands, which isn’t terribly comfortable experience, especially when you’re constantly trying to press the “alt” or shift (arrow) key to add punctuation or capitalise letters.

Give us a touchscreen any day over this thing. We’re converted.


It’s hard to recommend the Classic to anyone but the most diehard BlackBerry fanatics, and in fairness, they’re a bunch of people who already know they’re in love even before they lay eyes on this product.

This is a phone, though, that really should have turned up a couple of years ago when Qualcomm’s Snapdragon S4 chip was new, in 2012 when it was recent, rather than early 2015 where it feels old and depreciated.

It’s a phone that needs more work paid to its application ecosystem, because while it’s nice to see that it can run Android apps as a sort of “in case of emergency” option, the “made for BlackBerry” ones are the apps you really want, and you need more.

And it’s a phone that really doesn’t give you a good reason to stick with it over the competition, because as good as a hardware keyboard is, and as good as BlackBerry Hub is, and as good as the design is, the competition the BlackBerry Classic plays against some seriously impressive players, and against these, it just doesn’t stack up.

Review: BlackBerry Classic (Q20)
Price (RRP): $TBA; Available on plans; Manufacturer: BlackBerry
Good looking square screen; One of only a few smartphones with a physical keyboard; Very, very well built; Textured back is easy to grip; Upgradeable with microSD card; BlackBerry Hub is a great way of showing all your messages from every network;
Even less apps than the Windows Phone ecosystem; Slow downs are easily noticed; Mediocre battery life; Heavy;
Value for money
Ease of Use
3.4Overall Score
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