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Blinkers are to bicyclists what parachutes are to parachutists - life saving
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Name: Blinkers
Price (RRP): $Approx 150-200
Manufacturer: Velohub AG

Blinkers, the ultimate bicycle safety light is a wonderful tech invention from Swiss-based Velohub AG.

In the words of our guest reviewer Julian Kenny, “The new Blinkers bicycle lighting system is just what we all need to ensure bicycles get the hi-res visibility we so desperately need to stay alive.”

Julian is not dramatic. A report from the Australian Automobile Association shows Australian cyclist deaths jumped from 25 to 45 in 2017-18 – an increase of 80%.

The Bicycle Network chief executive, Craig Richards, said the report showed the current approach by states and territories is not working and there needs to be immediate intervention.

“Bike rider fatalities in Australia haven’t decreased for two decades, and sadly it seems there will be no improvement in 2018-19.”

But the story goes far further than cyclist deaths. The total bicycle crashes in Sydney (chart below) especially in the congested Sydney CBD reveals 1900 crashes in 2017-18 resulting in injuries.

Bicycles are vehicles and subject to the same road rules as cars. That includes

  • Must wear approved helmets.
  • Riders over 16 years old must not use the footpath and must give way to pedestrians when on shared bike paths.
  • Must have at least one working brake and a fully functioning bell, horn, or similar warning device.
  • If riding at night or in hazardous weather conditions, the bike must display a flashing or steady white light from the front, and a flashing or steady red light from the rear. The bike also requires a red reflector which is visible from the rear.
  • Must give a hand signal when turning right or merging to the right lane. When signalling, do so about 30 metres before you turn or change lanes or lane position.

Review: Blinkers bicycle safety lights

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Hi, I am Julian Kenny, and I ride both a motorbike and a bicycle, so I am extra bike aware. I recently rode in the MS Sydney to Wollongong Charity Bike Ride to raise funds and awareness for Multiple Sclerosis. GadgetGuy was a generous sponsor of my ride and loaned me the Blinkers bike safety lights to review.

I am not a reviewer – just a handy bike rider that GadgetGuy could co-opt.


“You know what’s it like, over the crest and enjoying the freewheeling descent, when an SUV rocks up to a crossroad below. You intend to turn right just past that point, and you want to tell that to the motorist, but you’ve got both hands on the brakes. Stay where you are, dude! I’m on a bicycle here!”

The new Blinkers bicycle lighting system is just what you need at this moment, allowing you to flick on the right indicator and focus on staying alive!


Bicycle accidents are the norm, not the exception. And for fear of upsetting casual bicyclists it is because we can approach speeds of cars, we are riding a flimsy device without protection and often too busy to indicate.

A hand signal is necessary on a bicycle but not in a car or motorbike. That is because Australian design rules make it mandatory to have front and rear ‘blinkers’ – indicators that are easily accessed by a driving column stalk. A bicyclist does not usually have that convenience, let alone such visible indicators.

What is a Blinker?

Blinkers come in two types – a rear blinker with a hand control or one with a laser perimeter projection system as well. If night riding is your thing, I recommend you get a pair – one each for front and rear.


There have been bike indicators before, but none so clever. Providing the usual range of front and rear lights – on, flashing, pulse and off – plus a self-cancelling left and right indicator in a robust 75mm casing that resembles a Klingon Bird of Prey, the Blinkers units are highly visible, waterproof and easy to use.

The laser perimeter projection system is amazing and puts a highly visible green laser light on the road in the front and rear of the bike.