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Bose Frames – cool looks and hot sound
4.0Overall Score
Name: Bose Frames
Price (RRP): $299.95
Manufacturer: Bose

Bose Frames are both sunglasses and beautifully concealed speakers – sunspeakers or perhaps soundglasses!

First, I must apologise to Bose for the delayed review of the Bose Frames. You see I put the soundglasses in my backpack to head up to my Central Coast home never even thinking about the special USB-A to magnetic charge cable tucked into a velvet bag. Well, I now have both items together so I can review it.

I must admit that my main aim for these soundglasses was to see if they could replace over/on/in-the-ear headphones – but that is the wrong aim. Bose has made a new category – soundglasses – wrapped in cool Blues Brothers style frames (there is one other style as well).

Bose Frames

Review: Bose Frames Alto Black (International model)

Website here

Styles: Alto (angular and larger 55mm lenses) and Rondo (rounder with 50mm lenses)

Price: 299.95 with one set of shatter-resistant dark grey sunglass lenses that block up to 99% of UVA/UVB

Specifications for both types are identical.


The matte black nylon frames don’t quite have the premium look of other Bose products. While I kind of like them, my wife says it reminds her of the older 3D glasses you get at the movies.

The arms are solid and thick but again designed for the purpose. There is no Bose branding – odd for Bose.

They come standard with a pair of mid grey, non-polarised lenses. You can buy a set of mirrored rose gold polarised ($49.95) or gradient blue non-polarised ($29.95).

You can, of course, add prescription lenses, but Bose says that voids the warranty. I cannot see why, because it is quite easy to pop them out.

While they are perfectly safe to wear while driving polarised lenses can cut out digital lettering on the dashboard – particularly red letters and numbers, so take that into account.


Bose has two sizes – Alto (148mm wide and 162mm deep) and Rhondo (142mm wide and 154mm deep). I prefer narrower glasses, but I do not like the round shape, so Alto it is.

They are comfortable to the extent that they do not cause any pressure on the temple or ears. But on my head, they tend to fall off the bridge of my nose with regularity. As you cannot adjust either the ear hooks (length or angle) or the nose bridge, make sure you try them first. If you can slide them forward (as I can), then they will slip down.

Bose has a 30-day money-back guarantee – pick a pair online or in-store and wear them for 30 days in the wild. If you decide they’re not for you, just send them back.