Review: Bose SoundTrue on-ear headphones
4.0Overall Score

Price (RRP): $229
Manufacturer: Bose

The name “Bose” generally brings with it a solid audio heritage, sending the message that what you’re about to listen through won’t just be great for your ears, but high quality across the board. But high quality often comes with high prices, and Bose’s SoundTrue on-ear headphones could do away with that.


Two models of the SoundTrue have been made available, with the around-ear style relying on a small circumaural can design where the pads sit around the ears, while the on-ear design (the ones we’re reviewing) is supra-aural and sits immediately on top. Both designs rely on memory foam to conform to the shape of your ears.

Over on the headband, consumers will find some light cushioning on the top, making the handset easy to grip with a slight hug on the head.

The cable is replaceable and plugs in using a 2.5mm headset jack on the cans, executing in a 3.5mm headset jack for the media player, with a three button microphone-equipped remote near the top of the cable Only one cable is included in the package.

A carrying case is also included, capable of storing the Bose SoundTrue on-ear phones when they’re folded up.


When you’re talking about headphones, portability doesn’t always necessarily mean small. Rather, it just means it has to fold up and fit nicely in a backpack or handbag. Small, though, isn’t the same, with mid-size headphone cans that can sit on the ear, but still occupy a relatively large set of space.

Bose’s SoundTrue on-ear headphones are a little different, though, providing a very small headphone made for smaller ears, with a look reminiscent of the Bose brand and less that of the celebrity headphones we’re beginning to see more of.

Going by the look alone, these are very easy on the eyes, though not necessarily as fashion-conscious as the Beats, Monster, or Soul headphones penetrating the market.

In fact, if you’ve ever seen the Bose silver noise cancelling headphones, these take on much the same approach, with a single colour on the headphone casing and the “Bose” name printed in a different block colour. For us, that means white headphones with a blue Bose printed, a name that tells the world yes, you’re listening to what should amount to a good pair of cans.

Put them on and you’ll find the comfort level matches that last observation, with no clamping or heavy pressing against the skull.

While the surface area of the headphones is relatively small, and your ears won’t necessarily be covered (unless you have small ears), the SoundTrue have a rather light touch, making them one of the comfiest pairs of headphones we’ve felt to date.

In the past few years, we’ve even met people who will find this a welcoming thing, as some people seem to be particularly sensitive to heavy headbands. If this is you, consider trying a pair of the SoundTrue on-ears, as they seem built specifically to get around this problem.