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Review: Breville Thermal Pro Grill
4.5Overall Score

Price (RRP): $99.95
Manufacturer: Breville

Not everyone has a decent stove top, and many of us want to cook a steak, a piece of fish, or something else that can be grilled with ease. Enter Breville’s Thermal Pro Grill, an electric option that shouldn’t cost you more than a hundred bucks.


Designed to make grilling easy, Breville’s Thermal Pro Grill is essentially a non-stick pan that sits on top of a 2400 watt heating element.

A grand total of 15 settings are available for you to use, and the entire appliance consists of two parts: a frypan with built-in element beneath it, and the electric probe that connects to the heating element.

Breville’s element has been designed to emulate gas style cooking, too, meaning the heat will be felt in the walls of the pan, effectively encompassing any food you throw into the pan.

The unit features non slip feet, while the pan has a pouring spout, making it possible to pour contents out of the pan easily.


One of the GadgetGuy staffers was recently telling us that he needed to find an electric griller, as the kitchen in his studio just wasn’t up to scratch.

It’s not an uncommon complaint, this one, and while many of us live without a decent oven with grilling facilities, some of us don’t even have a stove top with which to really go out and fry, grill, or cook using a pan. Students living in dorms, you probably know what I’m talking about.

Breville has a solution in the form of the $100 Thermal Pro Grill, a pan with shark-tooth raised indents that allows you to sear meat, fish, and veggies with ease.

Grill and probe. That's all you need.

The appliance is pretty easy to work out, and once you take it out of its box, you’ll see that this is a non-stick frypan sitting atop a heating element that takes an electric control probe.

Breville’s electric grill is merely these two parts, and they’re pretty easy to use, with the electric probe having one part plugged into the wall socket, while the other part goes into the available probe port of the Thermal Pro Grill.

Once they’re connected, simply switch the fry pan to the desired setting, watch the light go on, and wait for it to switch off when the temperature has been reached.

The speed seems to be pretty decent with this one, as the Thermal Pro Grill reaches the right temperature within two minutes with no problems. This was even on the second highest setting as we were about to cook some fish, and that’s something even our electric stove can’t manage.