Print quality

As far as black and white lettering goes, it’s perfect. Crisp letters and the water and fade resistance are a great bonus.

As far as colour images its not too bad either (313 DPI) but remember that it needs to be landscape format to get the most from the image. It will print the full label width too. As long as you don’t expect inkjet quality photo prints, you won’t be disappointed.

Speed-wise it’s quite fast at 8mm per second, and it can auto or manually cut at the end of each label. You can also swipe the display to cut.

Brother VC-500W

Changing rolls

There is an eject cassette button that retracts the label under the print head back into the cassette so as not to waste labels.

Roll costs

You can find all costs here. In essence, 5-metre rolls come in 9/12/19/25/50mm width for $24.95/29.95/37.95/39.95/49.95.

So remember its cost is by the mm – pay only for what you use.

Brother VC-500W

It is not cheap but remember it is self-adhesive, water and fade resistant and CYM colour.

 GadgetGuy’s take – Brother VC-500W label printer is very versatile

As long as you are aware of the costs, it quickly produces quality colour labels from smartphones and computers. These labels are water and fade resistant and should meet the needs of OCD people. Craft types will love it particularly for making cards, personalised gift tags, and scrapbooking.

Remember that they are roll-fed and that allows enormous flexibility over pre-cut labels.

I think there is room in any home or business for this device from organising chaos to employee photo ID.

Brother VC-500W label printer – look mum, no ink
Name: Brother VC-500W label printer Price (RRP): $329 Manufacturer: Brother
Design and print lables from 9-50mm and up to 5 metres long in colourIncredibly versatile pre-cut roll fed labels
Cost of label rolls - but they are colour, water and fade resistant
Value for money
Ease of Use
4.0Overall Score
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