1/25, f/1.2, 50mm, ISO 12800

The 70mm maximum zoom on that lens was really quite modest. Still, it gave a bit more flexibility than the 50mm prime. This is the Australian War Memorial five days before Christmas, shot from across Lake Burley Griffen and zoomed in to a 1:1 crop. Insofar as you can see it through the Delhi-trumping haze, it’s nicely detailed and sharp.

1/1250, f/11, 70mm, ISO 800

But the associated drought brought some surprise visitors into the Canberra suburbs, including a monotreme. Apparently it was a little thirsty:

Detail, 1/400, f/6.3, 70mm, ISO 800

The macro 35mm lens let me get rather close to the action, including some bees busy with the trumpet vine on my side fence.

Detail, 1/640, f/9, 35mm, ISO 800


Dragging photos from the camera to my computer using a fast USB Type-C cable resulted in speeds of between 21MB/s and 26MB/s depending on the mix of stills and videos. Opening and closing files seemed to be the thing that slowed transfers down – the same test card that gave 21MB/s in the camera gave over 80MB/s using a fast card reader. That speed is in accord with Canon’s specifications, which say that the “digital terminal” has a specification “Equivalent to Hi-Speed USB”. That’s the fastest speed available under USB 2.0. Nominally it’s 480Mb/s or 60MB/s, but USB 2.0 stuff tends to run at 20-30MB/s in the real world.


As usual with interchangeable lens cameras, the ultimate picture quality is going to depend on the lens you use. Clearly the Canon EOS RP camera can make use of the highest quality of those lenses. And if you’re after full-frame digital, you’re going to be hard put to find a lower cost competitor.

Canon’s site for this camera is here.

Canon EOS RP full-frame mirrorless interchangeable-lens camera
Name: Canon EOS RP full-frame mirrorless interchangeable-lens camera Price (RRP): $1,749 (body only) Manufacturer: Canon
Excellent picture qualityVersatile rear monitorExcellent first-shot reliability
Could do with some work on efficiency of controls
Value for money
Ease of use
4.4Overall Score