Choetech 5-coil dual fast Qi charger
4.9Overall Score
Name: Choetech 5-coil dual fast Qi charger
Price (RRP): $US39.99
Manufacturer: Choetech

The Choetech 5-coil dual fast Qi charger will charge two Qi phones simultaneously delivering up to 2 x 10W charges. It is suitable for any Qi smartphone or device.

The Choetec 5-coil dual fast Qi charger (website here) is a relatively unassuming PU black woodgrain textured charge pad. It comes with a USB-C to USB-A cable, and it is up to you to provide a USB-C fast charger Qualcomm Fast Charge 3.0 (5-9V/3A – 27W).

Choetech 5-coil dual fast Qi charger

GadgetGuy readers will know what devotees of Qi charging we are. I don’t think I have yet put a USB-C cable in my daily phone, the Samsung Galaxy Note9 and my reference phone is a Huawei Mate 20 Pro – ditto. Qi should be mandatory.

Review: Choetech 5-coil dual fast Qi charger model T535-S

Why 5-coils?

Most chargers used one or up to three overlapping coils meaning some areas of a charging pad may be dead zones. It also means more careful alignment to make charge contact.

Choetech 5-coil dual fast Qi charger

Five overlapping coils fix that and make for more efficient charging or using thicker cases.


The five coils simply mean it is more charge efficient than lower cost 3-coil models. We used a Cygnet dual pad 2-coil 10W charger as a comparison and charging times were about 20% faster on the 5-coil.

But even with that efficiency using two 10W phones, we just managed to get from 0-100% in about eight hours. Qi is for topping up and keeping it that way.

Dual or single charge

Simply means it can deliver 2 x 10W charges at once. The pad is large enough to fit 2 x iPhone XS Max or Samsung Galaxy Note9 smartphones.

Choetech 5-coil dual fast Qi charger

It automatically selects the right charge from 5, 7.5 and 10W and delivers to the smartphone.

It has over-voltage, short circuit, overheat, overcurrent and overcharge protection.

While it can dual charge it is happy as a single charge pad as well.

Case test

I am using an EFM D30 certified Case Armor bumper case which is thicker than normal. The charger works well up to 5mm (typical cases are 3mm or less).


Simple, stylish and has non-slip pads underneath. The textured pad seems to hold Glass backed phones well.

The coils do not care if the phone is off angle and it can sense when a single phone is on the pad (in any angle) and uses the most appropriate coils. It also senses each phone’s charge needs and rates.

A front LED indicator lets you know it is working.