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Close Comfort Cool Focus personal air-conditioner
3.8Overall Score
Name: Close Comfort Cool Focus portable air-conditioner
Price (RRP): $699
Manufacturer: Close Comfort

The Close Comfort Cool Focus personal air-conditioner is just that – a semi-portable indoor air-conditioner that creates a micro-climate zone.

The Close Comfort Cool Focus is an Aussie invention. It started life in 2007 by UWA Professor of Engineering, James Trevelyan and launched in Australia in 2016.

Close Comfort Cool Focus

What are the use paradigms we test against for the Close Comfort Cool Focus?

  • Portability
  • Cooling (or heating) capacity
  • Temperature reduction over ambient
  • Noise
  • Water management
  • Heat removal
  • Energy consumption
  • Looks
  • Maintenance and support
  • And that ‘Je ne sais quoi’ – Do we like it? Would we buy it?

Regular readers will know that we do not sell anything, nor get affiliate commisisons, or charge for reviews. They are 100% independent, and we are one of the last Australian owned ‘deep-dive’ review sites – that means we test every product claim as well as measure it against use paradigms.

Let’s see how the Close Comfort Cool Focus personal air-conditioner fares

  • Website here
  • Price:
    • Easy Focus – single pre-set temperature $549
    • Cool Focus – variable temperature, three fan speeds, remote control and more $699 (as tested)
  • Warranty: 2-years
  • From: Close Comfort and selected retailers

Our review uses FAIL, PASS, EXCEED against test paradigms.

Spoiler alert – we face a conundrum.

Out of respect for Aussie inventor James Trevelyan, we discuss this before you read the rest of the review.

If we rate is as a whole-of-room air-conditioner, it will FAIL on cooling capacity, efficiency, noise, heat removal etc. And we know its not that anyway!

If we rate it as a whole-of-room portable air-conditioner against DeLonghi, Rinnai, Dimplex, Omega, Teco etc. it will FAIL on price per BTU (a measurement of cooling) and heat removal.

But it is almost unique as a portable, micro-climate, refrigerated air-conditioner so we will rate it as that, and it PASSES!

The key to this product is to know what it does and does not do. For the most part, the website is accurate, if a little wordsmithed. But then can you blame them for trying to paint the best picture for their product.

First impression – PASSable

We reviewed the superseded Close Comfort PC9+ in February 2018 rating it at 3.8/5, so we knew what to expect. The design is similar (and frankly it is utilitarian, not designer attractive). It is reminiscent of an office water cooler crossed with the flying nun.

So, I want to start with the important takeaway from that review. It is not a room air-conditioner but nor does it claim to be! The website says, ‘cools people, not rooms’. Perhaps that is why it has a $99 Igloo Bed Tent as well (not tested).

It blows air out the top via a focusing baffle and under a hood to send it in a semi-adjustable forward/downwards direction. Close Comfort calls that a near laminar stream of air (that means confined and directional).

It has a remote control with temperature settings from 17-30°, low/med/high fan speed, a timer and auto/sleep functions.

The Close Comfort Cool Focus model reviewed here superseded the PC9+ in 2019.