Confessions of a Samsung Galaxy Note10+ user
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Name: Samsung Galaxy Note10+
Price (RRP): $1699
Manufacturer: Samsung

Samsung kindly lent me a Samsung Galaxy Note10+ for an extended test. After two weeks of daily use, I can reveal this remarkable smartphone’s innermost secrets.

The Samsung Galaxy Note10+ is an object of desire. It is the best Google Android phone on the planet and has the unique S Pen. If you can use the S Pen – as I do – it is what you aspire to own.

I have been a Note user for many years and would not have felt whole without it as my daily drive. So, I admit up front that my enthusiasm for the Galaxy Note10+ verges on evangelical. Yet my family could not care less – as long as they have their Android Samsung Galaxy 9/10, LG V30/40, OPPO Reno, Google Pixel 3XL, and more. Oh, and one dark sheep uses an iPhone. We cover all religions.

So, if you think an S Pen could be part of your toolkit then read on. If not the Galaxy S10/+/5G should be your next consideration.

Samsung Galaxy Note10+

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The Samsung Galaxy Note10 is in three models

  • 6.3-inch Galaxy Note10 costs $1499 for the 8/256GB
  • 6.8-inch Note10+ costs $1699 for the 12/256GB/microSD to 1TB
  • 6.8-inch Note10+ 5G costs $1,999 for the 12/512GB/microSD to 1TB

The Galaxy Note10+ and 5G versions have a few minor differences to the base Note10.

  • Dual Sim (single on 5G)
  • Optional 45W charging
  • 12W reverse charging (Power share)
  • 3D TOF camera

Rather than do a full review (as we have already done the Note10 here so perhaps read that first) I wanted to focus on my experiences over the past two weeks using it as my daily drive.

Dynamic AMOLED screen – as good as it gets

While the 3040 x 1440 resolution (498ppi) is superb, 99.99% of us run it at 2280 x1080 as a battery saver. But you can’t tell the difference anyway so don’t fret it. Brightness is around 700 nits (typical) and over 1000 nits (maximum), so it earns the HDR10+ certification and it very daylight readable.

Colour gamut is 100% DCI-P3 with a Delta E around 2.5 – superb. You can calibrate colour and temperature, but you won’t improve on this much.


The S Pen – the reason to buy a Galaxy Note10+

  • 39% of Note owners are evangelical about the S Pen
  • 61% don’t use it all the time but would miss it

By my math, that is 100%!

It is a stylus (pen) that allows you to write on the screen whether it is on or off — many a time I have grabbed it in the wee smalls to jot down an idea or reminder. When I attend a launch or briefing, it completely replaces my pen/pad, and I don’t run out of ink or paper.

The Note10+ turns that scrawl into editable text I can use in Word to write up my notes. This feature alone is worth its weight in gold. The translation is accurate and fast. And you can export to Word, PDF, IMAGE or text. The only minor issue is that it can translate the text page-by-page.

text conversion

You can use it as a remote control to play/pause content or take a photo. It has a gyroscope and accelerometer to allow you to gesture, and the phone knows you want. That includes taking photos,  controlling PowerPoint or changing music.

I am not an artist, but I love that I can annotate over drawings and export to JPEG or GIF. Artists can sketch and draw. And AR doodle is great to add to an image.