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Battery life

Because I use Qi wireless charging – I have Qi pads everywhere – I have not really been able to get more than a feel for battery life.

In normal use from 8 AM to 10 PM, I have about 60-70% left.

If I leave it overnight (10 PM to 8 AM), it consumes about 30% of the battery.

I ran a 1080p video loop, 50% brightness in aeroplane mode and got over 17 hours.

But I suspect that you need to use the Maintenance Mode to make sure background tasks are not chewing up the juice. With everything turned on and 100% load it made just over six hours.

Recharge time is fast – using the 25W charger it is about 1.5 hours, and a 15W Qi charge is about 4 hours.

The 45W charger option (not tested) is a special version that goes from 3.6V-20V and has added some smarts that allow it to charge at 10V/4.5A (45W) instead of 9V/3A (27W) as PD 3.0 does.

I love reverse charging. I was excited when I first saw it on the Huawei P30 Pro but disappointed when that device barely delivered 2W (5V/.4A). This is a genuine 5V/1.8A (9W) reverse charge and supports Apple iPhone and Watch (7W) and all Qi devices. It also has WPC standards and will charge the Samsung Galaxy Watch and Active.

And finally, the Always On Display shows the remaining time to charge, and it is very accurate.

Google Android

You may have noticed my reference to how this is the best Google Android phone on the planet. While Huawei may argue that its new Mate 30 Pro is better, it does not use Google Android nor has Google apps or access to its Play Store. While Huawei has hinted that it can ‘side-load’ these apps Google, under the mandate of the US Government, has closed that avenue.

Samsung adds its One UI over the top, and it covers the gaps in pure Android. It offers all Google Apps, security patches and updates to Android 10 – if not 11.

But the One UI also adds value that I find remarkable.

I love DeX (Desktop eXperience for Android). All it needs is a USB-C to HDMI cable, and you can connect a Bluetooth mouse and keyboard. When I travel, I use the Note10+ as a computer replete with Microsoft Office, Outlook, etc.

Microsoft and Samsung are collaborating (and I need to test this more so this is a teaser) and its Link to Windows shows a lot of promise. Let’s, say that it allows seamless drag and drop of data between devices as well as Android notifications on the PC.

Link to Windows

Camera – idiot proof

The addition to the Note10 is the 3D TOF (Time of flight) camera for depth sensing. Now 3D TOF is embryonic and needs apps that support its features. At present, it supports 3D scanning via Bixby Vision. But it can do so much more like Quick Measure, Life Focus video, and eventually for use in assisting online clothes shopping.