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The photos below are perfect – 10-out-of-10. The DxOMark review is here.


Superb, natural colour, great brightness and contrast and definition.

Galaxy Note10+ daylight
1/1600 sec. f/2.4 4.3 mm ISO 50

Daylight Zoom

Galaxy Note10+ Zoom
1/800 sec. f/2.1 6 mm ISO 50

Daylight Wide angle

Galaxy Note10+ Daylight wide
1/1000 sec. f/2.2 1.8 mm ISO 50

Office Light (500-600 lumens)

The toy dog’s fur is well defined as is Shaun the sheep’s individual wool strands. Colours are perfect.

Galaxy Note10+ Indoor
1/100 sec. f/2.4 4.3 mm ISO 200

Office Light Zoom

Galaxy Note10+ Indoor Zoom
1/30 sec. f/2.1 6 mm ISO 64

Office Light wide angle (not this is a portion of the shot)

Galaxy Note10+ indoor wide
1/50 sec. f/2.2 1.8 mm ISO 80

Dark room (only light is from the PC monitors)

Superb definition (the best yet), accurate colours and little noise. I am surprised that it did not use the variable aperture (f/1.5-2.4) to let in more light – it obviously has excellent low light capabilities anyway.

Galaxy Note10+ dark
1/30 sec. f/2.4 4.3 mm ISO 320

Dark room night mode

Night mode brightens the image by pixel binning and keeps the definition.

Galaxy Note10+ Dark night
1/25 sec. f/2.4 4.3 mm ISO 160

Camera summary: The camera is fantastic, even more so as it is set to fully automatic for idiot-proof shots. I compared these reference shots to the Note9, and there is a noticeable improvement.

GadgetGuy’s take – The Note10+ is the best bar none.

As I wrote last year, the Note9 is the best Android handset by quite a margin. On a scale of 1-10, it is an 11. Of course, until the Note10 comes along.

As I write this year- substitute Note9 for Note10.

Now, if you want the S Pen, then this is it. Otherwise, the Galaxy S10/+/5G are your choices as they share the processor and most of the camera smarts.

Samsung, thank you for doing it again, again, again… Although how do you improve on perfection each year?

Confessions of a Samsung Galaxy Note10+ user
Name: Samsung Galaxy Note10+ Price (RRP): $1699 Manufacturer: Samsung
Buy it for the S PenBeautiful screenSamsung Build and quality - love the Aura GlowPower to burnGreat batteryDeX and Windows integrationIdiot-proof cameraThe best Google Android phone for 2019-2020
None really but let’s be pickyRear camera placement means be careful with your fingersLarge – but not as large as the Note9No 3.5mm audio adaptor – buy a USB-C to 3.5mmFingerprint magnet – use the clear bumper case providedDon’t need the S Pen – buy a Galaxy S10
Value for money
Ease of Use
5.0Overall Score
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