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Cupcakes with a KitchenAid Bake Assist microwave Oven (review)
4.2Overall Score

Price (RRP): $999
Manufacturer: KitchenAid

The KitchenAid Bake Assist Microwave Oven makes the yummiest cup-cakes. This is one flexible microwave, convection oven and griller all-in-one.

It did not hurt when a cake expert and a willing assistant dropped by GadgetGuy HQ armed with various KitchenAid implements of destruction. We wondered what exactly a ‘stand-mixer’ does and were vaguely familiar with a thing called a blender (good for Bloody Mary’s and smoothies).

They were also armed with a range of things like flour, sugar, butter etc. that Gadgeteers had heard of, but never seen in real life.

The next two hours was KitchenAid heaven

KitchenAid Bake Assist microwave OvenFor starters, while the cup cake mixture was being made, we had rosemary and sea salt infused Macadamia nuts.

Easy. Preheat the oven and the round baking tray (provided), throw in some butter, salt, nuts and rosemary. A few minutes later – Voila. Beautifully roasted and caramelised maccas. Puts beer nuts to shame.

KitchenAid Bake Assist microwave OvenNext some spinach and fetta filo triangles. Again, preheat the oven and baking tray and put in frozen filo’s. OK, we cheated and bought them, but the KitchenAid stand mixer could have made filo pastry. Turn at half time (just like any oven) and out came the beautifully browned and cooked filo triangles.

KitchenAid Bake Assist microwave OvenBy this time the cupcake mixture was ready and spooned into paper baking cups and placed into a silicon cupcake mould. This used a mixture of microwave and convection oven cooking. The expert flipped her fingers over a few buttons and voila – perfectly baked, browned, and fluffy cup-cakes.

KitchenAid Bake Assist microwave OvenThe KitchenAid stand mixer whipped up a batch of butter cream (basically butter, sugar and vanilla) and the Blender went to work on pureeing a fruit topping. At this time, we were told it is so powerful that it can blend ice into the perfect frozen Margherita.


KitchenAid Bake Assist microwave OvenTwo hours later. All washed up and the Gadgeteers well fed with high-cholesterol treats.



KitchenAid Bake Assist microwave OvenKitchenAid heaven.