Hub/siren DCS-H100

The siren claim is 100dB volume. Our tests got to 93dB – it is loud enough, but the hub is somewhere inside the house, so it is more of a deterrent once you get inside.

Storage is via micro-SD. We tested to 128GB, and with a 2TB WD My Passport external USB-2.0 hard disk and it worked well.

DCS-2802KT base

Distance from hub

The Hub receives video data on the 2.4Ghz band, and the camera uses a type of Bluetooth to signal the hub (e.g. on/off, battery life, signal strength etc). Maximum signalling range is 20m but in practice around half that for maximum signalling reliability.

The 2.4Ghz transmit power is approx. 100mW (-20dBm). Dedicated routers can have from 100 to 500mW, especially those with multiple active antennas. Our reference D-Link AC5300 has 250-500mW transmit power.

Maximum hub to camera range is in theory about 30 metres but coupled with the signalling range means 10-15 metres is about it.

One camera is outside about 15 metres from the hub. A bi-fold glass door does affect the 2.4Ghz signal – so its two bars. Most of the time it connects in a few seconds but occasionally times out as it is at the extent of the signalling range. Then you can try again a minute later, and it connects.

The other camera is inside in a foyer about 10 metres line-of-sight from the hub. It has four bars signal and connects every time.

We repeat warnings with any brand of camera setup – plan for placement as close to the hub or router as possible. And don’t use Wi-Fi-based cameras if you have an old router not up to the job – use base station connected cameras.

The app

DCS-2802KT app  1

One Tap

You can customise the app to arm or disarm the camera (away), set them to home mode (privacy), bedtime, wake up, panic or custom with its one tap (shortcut) features.

DCS-2802KT one trap


You can set schedules to arm or disarm as well as use templates for weekday, weekends, vacation, holiday, privacy or other.


Using IFTTT, you can link to other IFTTT devices and set up complex command structures including geofencing etc.

Voice Assistants

We set it up with Google Home, and it was as usual, flawless. The cameras can be given a name and allocated to rooms. Once done you can access them via voice, cast to a TV or screen. If you want to know more read here.

Alexa connection is here and uses IFTTT as well as an Alexa skill (not tested).  

Recording packages

If you need a cloud – and you really don’t.

MyDlink cloud recording offers free and paid subscriptions with pricing details as follows: