Note there is a complimentary Premium package for the first 12 months. It enables remote playback of recordings in the cloud or to download video clips to a mobile device from anywhere, anytime, through the Internet. Sorry, the prices are in USD – Aussie costs use the exchange rate of the day plus GST.

Item Free Basic Premium
(free for the first year)
Video clip recording period Rolling 24-hours 7-days 14-days 30-days
# of Supported Cameras Up to 3 Cameras Up to 3 Cameras Up to 5 Cameras Up to 10 Cameras
Monthly Fee 0 USD2.49 USD4.99 USD9.99
Annual Fee 0 USD24.99 USD49.99 USD99.99

GadgetGuy’s take – good value, base station style, security system

I am warming to base stations as they do keep video traffic off the network and offer increased reliability via correct placement.

I like the options of local or paid cloud storage, and one year’s service is free. Not wanting to take revenue from D-Link but I think local storage is fine!

For sheer image quality, Arlo’s new Ultra 4K is superior, but you will pay $1049 for a dual camera setup and $449 for each extra camera.

The Arlo Pro 2 is the closest 1K comparison, and the two-camera kit is on runout for $699.

While D-Link has an RRP of $799.95, you can get it online for as low as $579. That is a bargain and gets extra points from me.

The MyDlink app has come a long way and is comprehensive and easy to use. I also like the flat magnetic camera back for quick mounting. I like this as it can become part of your smart home via a voice assistant.

It is a competent 1080p (1k) camera kit from a good company with great after sales service and support.

D-Link DCS-2802KT security cameras and base station
Name: D-Link DCS-2802KT security cameras and base station Price (RRP): $799.95 (street price $579) Manufacturer: D-Link
Reasonable 2-3-month battery life and 4-6 hour rechargeImages as detailed as any 1K cameraFree first-year premium cloud storage or local storeEasy setup and voice assistant compatibleConvenient magnetic or ¼’ tripod mountBase station keeps traffic off the home network and provides local storage option
No word from D-Link if this is a one-off kit or whether new different cameras can use the HubThe app is comprehensive but needs a little clarification
Value for money
Ease of Use
4.1Overall Score
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