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That is a little frustrating, and means you’ll be needing a special cable if you ever (heaven forbid) lose the one that the Definitive cans arrive with.

At least it comes with a nice case with padding to protect the headphones and that cable, so that’s something.



If you like your audio flat and the way it was made to be heard, there’s definitely something to like in the Symphony 1 headphones, with a warm tonality that can also cut down on background noise. It’s not all perfect, mind you, and given the price, we’re surprised the design is what it is.

Still, if sound quality is key and you like volume and cancellation, Definitive Technology’s first pair of cans is worth a look, though we’d probably wait for the second until we say go out and buy.

Review: Definitive Technology Symphony 1 headphones
Price (RRP): $699 Manufacturer: Definitive Technology
Comfortable; Fairly flat but warm sound; Loud; Supports noise cancellation; Rechargeable via microUSB;
Controls need a lot of work and can get stuck quite easily; No neck sensor; Bluetooth reception seems a little weak; Relies on a 2.5mm headset jack if you wish to go wired; Picks up dust and scratches really easily;
Value for money
Ease of Use
3.6Overall Score
Reader Rating 2 Votes