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GadgetGuy’s take: Dell 65Wh USB-C power bank

You can both charge the power bank and the device at the same time. The circuity cuts power to the bank in this mode when its full and passes through charging – a big plus.

We do not often comment on price, but at $223 the Dell 65Wh USB-C power bank is not competitive with other 20,000-27,000mAh USB-C power banks ranging from $129-179.

But, these do not have USB-A data/charge and SOH. So if you do not need that then why pay for it? I did notice a $50 discount on the Dell US site so shop around online.

For what it is – the Dell 65Wh USB-C power bank for Dell and other laptop brands – it is more than fit for purpose. In fact it may just lead the pack.

Dell 65Wh USB-C power bank
Name: Dell 65Wh USB-C power bank PC7108LC Price (RRP): $223 Manufacturer: Dell
Love the idea of data and charge on teh USB-A portSOH (state of health) indicator is great
A tad expensive but that may change
Value for money
Ease of Use
4.4Overall Score
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