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Review: Denon AH-C120MA in-earphones
3.2Overall Score

Price (RRP): $119.95
Manufacturer: Denon

In-earphones are the new earbuds, and Denon wants a piece of the action with what it thinks are some premium pieces for Android owners. Do they succeed, or would you be better off with something else?


Another one of the many, many earphones making its way out to stores, Denon’s AH-C120MA earphones sit in the in-earphone category, with pieces that you sit inside your ear.

These pieces are made from metal, with 11.5mm drivers inside, and an oxygen-free rounded cable that Denon tells us is tangle-free.

The earphones take what appears to be the standard tips, with three silicon tip sizes offered in the box, catering to small, medium, and large, as well as a set of Comply Foam ear tips.

A remote is on the cable with one button, as well as a microphone for speaking on the phone.

Denon includes a small carrying case in the pack.


Note quite a budget pair, but not a mid-range either, Denon’s AH-C120MA in-earphones sit just above the $100 mark and cater to people looking for something better than what they found in their smartphone box, which wouldn’t take much for most smartphone companies.

These in-ear pieces sit in Denon’s “Music Maniac” series, so we’re hoping they work with lots of types of music, as well as smartphones.

But smartphones are part of the key messages for the C120MA, and specifically Android and Windows Phone, or pretty much anything that doesn’t take the three-button remote that only works on Apple products. For these, Denon has pulled the remote back to one button, including the microphone and making it useful as a hands-free for other phones, but with the main button used for pausing, playing, and answering calls.

Comfort will be a plus for most people, and thanks to relatively small casings that aren’t overly bulbous, you’ll be able to insert the earphones into whichever ear you prefer, with the proper way possible — left in left, right in right — or even the exact opposite.

There’s no real reason to do the opposite because the remote is on the main cable, which is in the middle. If the Denon C120s were built like Bluetooth earphones and held the remote on a specific size, it would be a problem, but it’s not, so unless you have issues with stereo sides and prefer the right on your left and so on, stick with the original fit, as it’s reasonably comfortable.

Several tips are included in the box, with sizes of silicon tips — the usuals that you get with earphones — and then some memory foam, which is a nice addition and something few earphones under $200 ever include.

We preferred these, but you may be different.

Regardless, once you’ve selected the tips of choice, plug your cable in and start listening.