Denon AVR-589 and SYS-56HT package
4.0Overall Score
Price (RRP): $999 Manufacturer: Denon

Reviewer: Thomas Bartlett

I am not a big fan of home theatre in a box systems. Too often they don’t end up being good value for money… once you realise that aspects of them need to be improved.

But I am a big fan of Denon’s take on the theme. That’s probably because it isn’t really a home theatre in a box. It merely encroaches on that genre through its pricing.


Instead, this combo system consists of a high quality 5.1 channel home theatre receiver, the Denon AVR-589, and a compact satellite/subwoofer speaker system, the SYS-56HT (which does indeed come in one box).

The receiver is incredible. I remember when component video inputs were the preserve of prestige home theatre receivers. This one has two sets of inputs. It also has two HDMI inputs!

These provide full support for all forms of HDMI video, faithfully passing it through to the display. But the receiver does not support audio over HDMI, so you need to parallel the HDMI cable from your Blu-ray player with an optical or coaxial digital audio connection.

The speaker system consists of five small satellite speakers (one is slightly larger and sits sideways, so as to operate as a centre channel) and a subwoofer. The satellites each have two 57mm drivers, while the subwoofer has a 50 watt amplifier powering its 160mm driver in a bass reflex-loaded enclosure. The satellite speakers all use spring clips for connections. Thin speaker cables and an RCA link for the subwoofer are provided.