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Well, yes. Remember the built-in battery? Being able to feed the music via wire is great for party time at the park. No, the speaker isn’t water-proof, so use it with care. But it’s loud enough to do good party work.

Bass frequency response of Dynaudio Music 3, close measured

It’s notoriously difficult to measure the performance of loudspeakers. The results tend to be extremely misleading. However one thing that can be instructive is bass extension: how deep the bass actually goes. As I noted, Dynaudio says that the speaker goes down to 47 hertz at the -3dB point. That would be impressive for such a compact loudspeaker.

I measured it with a microphone up very close to where I think the bass driver is located (there’s a hard grille under the cloth, so it can’t be found by touch). The peak bass output turned out to be between 52 and 57 hertz. The bass output was essentially within a 3-decibel band from 51 hertz to 240 hertz. Would that some expensive bookshelf speakers could manage that!

And 47 hertz? Yes, three decibels below the average of that bass band. Indeed, the -3dB point was at 45.5 hertz.


The Dynaudio Music 3 is a very good, fine sounding all-round Wi-Fi and Bluetooth speaker. It has the added bonus of offering a degree of portability. But keep in mind its limitation. If you’re committed to Spotify, this one won’t suit you unless you’re prepared to add something like a Chromecast Audio.

You can read more about the Dynaudio Music 3 at the company site here.

Dynaudio Music 3 wireless music system
Name: Dynaudio Music 3 wireless music system Price (RRP): $999 Manufacturer: Dynaudio
Excellent sound qualityPortable with long battery lifeWorks well with Chromecast Audio
Doesn’t support SpotifyApp doesn’t support all functions of which the speaker is capable
Value for money
Ease of use
4.4Overall Score