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GadgetGuy’s take – Dyson Lightcycle works

If you can get over the $799 price, then you will get the perfect task light that automatically adjusts for time of day, age and so much more.

For me, the best thing is reducing blue light on my dual monitors by being able to turn on blue light reduction and reduce brightness. Under CFL light those settings looked awful. Under Dyson Lifecyle they look natural.

Depending on budget, you could put a pair beside your bed, but somehow the design is more in keeping with office/study use. I would not mind one near the couch where I occasionally read a book.

Dyson Lightcycle bed

In typical Dyson style, it is an over-engineered, minimalist design – a classic keeper and what I expect from Dyson. It appeals to the inner geek with a wallet to match. It is a perfect gift for a person who has everything because they will not have this – yet.

As a sexagenarian, I was surprised to read that I need four times more light than a whippersnapper 20-year-old. But I am guilty of using my smartphone torch to read restaurant menus in dim light when others don’t need to.

Dyson Lightcycle is a very smart desk lamp, not a lightweight bicycle
Name: Dyson Lightcyle task lamp Price (RRP): $799 Manufacturer: Dyson
So well made – over-engineeredThe concept is unique – match the light to your circadian rhythmNon-fatigue task lightWell thought out appUSB-C charging is a nice touch
No head angle adjustment – no big dealMotion detection can occasionally turn the light offCreates a Dyson divide between those who can afford the tech and those who cannot
Value for money
Ease of Use
4.7Overall Score
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