• Lift all chairs off the ground (if you want it to clean under tables)
  • Lift floor rugs with tassels that could get tangled in the brush
  • Tie up loose electrical cables from the floor
  • Remove clothes/shoes/bags on the floor
  • Build lower gradient ramps if the door sill is over 20mm (if you want it to clean in those areas)
  • Close doors to areas you don’t want it to clean


It is more a light clean rather than a deep clean which you achieve with a cannister or powerful stick vac like the LG A9 or Dyson V11.

It works well on timber (bamboo) and tiled floors. Whiskers on each side feed the relatively narrow 15cm rotating brush. In theory, it cleans up to 30cm width. In practice, it often misses debris under the whiskers. The whisker brushes are far from perfect for edge cleaning even in edge cleaning mode.

In our tests it fills the 520ml dust collector each time, so it is doing some good.

However, we then ran an LG A9 stick vac over the cleaned area, and it filled about half of its dust bin, so our subjective observation is that DEEBOT 710 provides about 50% of the sucking power.

After two weeks of use my main gripe is that you still need to clean edges, and it’s a light, not deep clean.

 Maximum obstruction sill height

It seems better than the previous DEEBOT handling sills up to 20mm. But it still attempted larger sills and got stuck. If you are a handyperson, you can build little ramps to help it.

Maximum height under furniture

At 7cm high, it will worm its way under beds etc so make sure there are no obstructions under there. At one stage, we simply could not find it and had to use the app to locate it – doing battle with a sock under a bed.

Error handling (when obstructed, steps, cords, clothing)

It is persistent and will generally figure out how to back away from a sill or obstruction. It will use voice to attract attention if it’s stuck. At worst it will turn off. And I swear it grumbles at me if I call it DUMBOT.

One thing to keep in mind for larger houses is that it has relatively low power 100mW, Wi-Fi 2.4Ghz signal. It cannot clean where Wi-Fi is weak.


In standard mode on the carpet, it is about 55dB and a little less on timber. In power mode, it was 65dB.


A multi-function tool helps to access various parts

  • Filter (net, sponge and high-efficiency dust) – clean/wash/dry as applicable after every use
  • Side brush whiskers – keep clean and replace when frayed or necessary
  • Main brush – clean after every use and replace when necessary
  • Wheels and sensors – clean after every use

It sounds a lot of work, but it is just a few minutes to keep it in good shape.


Note you cannot clean the HE Dust filter with water. It needs a good solid tap on the side of a dustbin. I expect it will require replacement at least annually.

The app

The connection is simple – download the app, connect to DEEBOT’s Wi-Fi SSD and then connect it to your home router.

You can schedule cleaning but remember that you must pre-prepare the home for it.