Embrace smart mirror – Google while shaving (review)
3.5Overall Score

Price (RRP): $1,699
Manufacturer: Embrace Smart Mirror

The Embrace Smart Mirror is a motion activated, splash resistant, touch-enabled, smart mirror that shows lots of potential as the next big thing in the bathroom – apart from you of course.

GadgetGuy, GadgetGirl and our gaggle of Gadgeteers were impressed by what amounts to a design feat. It is a 23.6” (60cm) Android tablet cleverly and invisibly embedded in an 800 x 600mm mirror. But no matter how well it has been done – and it has – the smart mirror concept is still quite embryonic.



Don’t get us wrong – we are not bagging “Mirror, Mirror” on the wall (sounds better than OK Google). It is just that as tech/lifestyle writers and reviewers we want more, nay we see so much more potential.

It probably did not help when a Gadgeteer pointed out, “The manual is version 1.0 – Never buy 1.0 of anything”. And to be fair, this is a hand assembled prototype – not the finished retail product.

Embrace smart mirror is the beginning of ambient bathroom computing


But can it answer the question, “Does my bum look big in this?”

The term ambient or ubiquitous computing is used a lot these days. It is the convergence of computing devices with everyday devices like toasters, fridges, washing machines and now embraced by Embrace.

The concept extends to recognising environmental factors (like location, time, different users) and accessing vast AI clouds (like Google Assistant, Siri, Alexa, Cortana, Bixby et al.) to add context and ‘the meaning of life and everything else.’ In short, it is computing focused on helping you to achieve whatever you want, whenever you want.

What you must remember is that Embrace Smart Mirror is a 23.6”, Android 6.x touch tablet invisibly melded into a larger 800 x 600, IP65 splash resistant mirror. The screen occupies about 30% of the overall mirror area.

Ambient computing is Android’s purview, and it still has a way to go to answer the bum question. Rest assured it will get there.


P.S. Rumour has it that you can change OK Google to another hot word like ‘Mirror Mirror’ with OpenMic+.