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Garmin Vivofit 4 – 12 months battery life (review)
3.9Overall Score

Price (RRP): $159
Manufacturer: Garmin

I love fitness trackers – I hate charging them every day. Garmin’s new Vivofit 4 has 2 x SR43 coin batteries that in theory will last over a year. Alas, testing cannot confirm that.

Before we get into the review lets be clear about what we are reviewing.

There are fitness trackers like this which do basic automatic fitness tacking like walking, running, sleep tracking activity tracking, using a multi-axis (usually 3) accelerometer.

So, if it moves, it can be tracked, and the app takes the raw data and interprets it.

A crossover (like the Samsung Gear Fit 2 Pro) pairs to a smartphone to bring across things like notifications, and a music library. It adds a few more sensors like a heart rate monitor.

A smartwatch (like the Samsung Gear S3) can do almost everything a smartphone can do. If it has an eSIM, it can also make and take phone calls. This also has GPS, Wi-Fi and a lot more sensors.

The Vivofit 4 is a fitness tracker with very few crossover features to conserve battery life for that one-year magic use.

Out of the box Garvin Vivofit 4

  • The fitness tracker in a choice of colours – black, white (optional strap colours available)
  • Quick Start manual

That is it!

Download the Garmin Connect app, pair via the app, set up a Garmin account, and again that is it. Note that the app is used for many Garmin devices and not everything applies to a basic tracker.

The first impression is a smallish, light (25g), fitness band with a prominent matte chrome button and an 11mm square, colour display.

It displays time, steps, remaining step goal, kilojoules burned (divide by four for calories), distance travelled that day, weekly intensity in minutes, weather (max/min temperature), move bar and if you beat yesterday.

It stores up to four weeks of data and syncs to the smartphone when in range.

The display is a sunlight-visible, transflective eight-colour memory-in-pixel but it is a lot duller in real life than shown on the website and has too small a font if you need to wear reading glasses.


My wife volunteered to test it and immediately took the black band off and put on the white one.