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GilletteLabs Heated Razor – the feeling of a hot towel shave (update after three weeks use)
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The A$299 GilletteLabs Heated razor is perhaps its most ambitious product yet from a company that usually sells disposable and cartridge blade razors from a few cents to a tad under $30.

Gillette claims it’s the world’s first Heated Razor!

Well, the GilletteLabs Heated Razor is the first to market, but the honour belongs to Lou and Pete Tomassetti. They conceived the SmartRazor in 2004 and after a long gestation, eventually became an Indiegogo project in 2017. It had a rechargeable AA battery, an estimated cost of about US$75 and blades $7 each. Its claim was that a heated blade makes shaving three times easier – reducing razor burn. It is yet to be delivered!

Never mind which was first – it seems the prospect of a heated shave has merit. Gillette claims the GilletteLabs Heated Razor delivers the warmth and sensation of a hot towel shave at the push of a button. We set out to test all claims on its website, and overall, we can report that it does give a great shave.

On with the shave

Now let me tell you a little story. When the COVID-19 lockdown started on 16 March, I jokingly vowed not to shave until the restrictions were lifted. God (well any deity) must not have been listening because barely two weeks later Gillette asked me to review the GilletteLabs Heated Razor for GadgetGuy.

Well, it is here now and my nearly five-week-old hirsute, salt-and-pepper beard – that my wife quite likes now after the prickle factor reduced – is no more. Shorn smooth I am – like a baby’s butt!

Anyway, my aged mum is happy – she says never trust a man with a beard.

Trust beard
And bearded people say never trust a man without a beard!

What is a GilletteLabs heated razor?

  • Website here
  • Price: $299 starter kit*
  • *Comes with Shaver, wall charger, wireless charge base and two blades
  • Replaceable Cartridge Blades: 5 with a flat trimmer blade mounted on a FlexDisc head
  • 4/8 pack of blades $39/$69
  • Warranty: 2-years excluding disposable blades
  • 158.9 x 23.6 x 41.5 (cartridge width) and 75g
  • From: Online at Gillette, Shaver Shop and most electrical retailers. Free freight.
GilletteLabs Heated Razor

It also started life as an Indiegogo project, not because Gillette needed the funding but because it wanted to crowd-develop it. It started shipping last year.

GilletteLabs Heated Razor

What is a man shave – seriously?

Shaving is the process of removing daily or weekly stubble from your face, neck, and other parts of the body. Facial hair grows about 10mm a month, and all razors struggle with stubble over a few millimetres. Note:  I first had to use a Remington Rapid Cut Turbo set to 3mm to slash the undergrowth to stubble length.

A man’s face becomes accustomed to the razor they use. For example, if it is an electric ‘dry-shave’ you can have rotary heads, straight heads, multiple ‘blades’ and more. If you swap from a rotary to a straight, it takes several weeks to retrain your face and learn how to get the best shave.

If you use a blade, you can go for a single/twin disposable to a fancy 3-to-5 blade cartridge razor. And you must use a lubricant for a ‘wet shave’ – the aim is to reduce skin drag and razor burn. A five-blade razor shaves quite differently from a disposable.

Now, I usually use both technologies for a perfect shave. A disposable razor (Gillette Blue II with a Lubrastrip) in the shower along with some shower gel on the stubble to reduce friction. I call this more of a lawn trimmer rather than a precision mower!

I usually finish with an electric Panasonic ES-LV9Q (and I don’t mind Braun either) because it also gets hard to cut hairs around the mouth, under the nose and in a few aged craters on my chin. It has a straight electric trimmer to catch errant wispy hair and give me a good line on the sideburns.

My point is that it may take a few weeks (see update at the end) to see how good the GilletteLabs Heated Razor is and we will update this review if we find a difference over time.

This may also be good for those that need to shave legs or other body parts.