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Since then Google has its new Nest Hub ($349 for speaker and 10” screen), and you have excellent offerings from Lenovo, Sony, JBL and more.

One final word

The Smart Speaker battle is over – at least in Australia. Shopping behemoth Amazon has lost.

Although these figures are from January 2019, OK Google speakers have 68.2% of the Australian Market (Alexa 14.2%).

A later report on smart speakers with a screen puts Google’s then single offering launched only two months prior at 41.5% versus Alexa Echo Show at 13.2% (source

VoiceBot stated, “Amazon’s share seems to be coming from its paid Prime members who were 50% more likely to buy the Alexa speaker”. Tellingly the vast majority clearly bought OK Google based speakers.

Google Nest Mini V2 - small dog syndrome
Name: Google Nest Mini Price (RRP): $79 Manufacturer: Google
The cheapest way to get Google Assistant (unless you find a Home Mini at a giveaway price)On-board machine learning means slightly faster responseFar-field mic has improvedStill a mid-centric sound signature for clear voice
Not a speaker you want to listen to [good] music on
Value for money
Ease of Use
4.2Overall Score
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