And that’s the essential problem with the GLCD2206HDV. When you buy Grundig, you expect something different, special even. And this is just another TV with some extra functionality.

If it cost the same as any other TV, that would be fine. But we’re paying a European premium here, so we can be a bit disappointed at the lack of European style.

Still, the three-year warranty is a welcome bonus, and if you’re a Grundig loyalist, this TV certainly won’t put you off your favourite brand.

Grundig Misuro HD LCD GLCD2206HDV
Price (RRP): $849 Manufacturer: Grundig
Stylish design; Built-in DVD player; Good connectivity options; 12 volts power supply for use in caravans and boats
Stylish design; Built-in DVD No bespoke technology; No true 1080p HD; Extremely high price
Value for money
Ease of Use
2.2Overall Score
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