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Unfortunately, you can’t just bring your controller to one of the other versions of the game.

For instance, the Activision makes an iPad version, and while it would be logical to make the controller work across platforms, it does not.

Ah yes, that old chestnut again. It appears we meet again likelihood of owning excess useless controllers. Won’t you ever go away?


Not getting past the cut scenes in the beginning can also get tiresome, simply because if you end up making a real mockery of the scene and want to try again or fail and need to try again to get past the music, you’re stuck behind 30 seconds of filler material that seems like a bit of a waste.

But Guitar Hero Live does continue to be tremendous fun despite the odd failing it has. We don’t know how long it will stay that way, mind you, but for now, we’re having fun being in our fake rock band. It might even inspire us to return to music. Who knows.


Review: Guitar Hero Live
Price (RRP): $150-200, dependent on how many guitar controllers you buy Manufacturer: Activision
4.5Overall Score
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