In the box – Dyson V11 Absolute Pro

  • Full-width high torque direct-drive (has its own motor) for all floor types. Good edge cleaning
  • Full-width direct-drive soft roller head a.k.a. Mr Fluffy, for hard floors and leaves a slight sheen
  • Mini direct-drive head for small surfaces like stairs, car interiors, upholstery etc
  • Combination tool with brush and Velcro – for air vents, car boots etc
  • Crevice tool for skirting boards
  • Mattress cleaning tool – damned dust mite poo
  • Soft brush and Velcro pad for upholstery and dusting
  • Stubborn dirt brush (stiff bristles)
  • Flexible wand tube for handheld use
  • Wand extension and a ‘cob-web remover.’
  • Metre-long alloy wand
  • Wand clip for two accessories
  • 240V charger outputting 30-45V at 1.1A (use with or without the dock)
  • Wall mount drop-in dock
  • And the Dyson V11 cleaner with gold accents
Dyson V11

This is the most comprehensive accessory pack I have ever seen. Will you use them all? Yes, and the wand clip for two accessories is a great idea. Use a shopping bag to store and tote the rest.

Mounting and storage

Will you wall mount it? I am of two minds. I guess if I had a discrete area with a convenient power point (they don’t usually put power points in cupboards), I would use it. But I find it just as easy to break it down and store it in a hall cupboard – the longest part is the wand.

Dyson V11

More power

Each iteration has more power – be it in suck or brush power. The V7 has 76% more brush power than the V6. The V8 increases battery life by 25%. The V10 changed from a vertical to a horizontal barrel design offering 20% more power than the V8, 40% bigger dust bin and a whopping 25% more battery run time. Get the drift.

But we are here to review the Dyson V11 – I can’t wait to see the V12!

Comparing it to the V10 it is a little bigger and heavier (3.05kg vs 2.67kg), has 20% more suck and bigger battery capacity (3600mAh vs 2600mAh). The most interesting feature is the addition of an LCD screen and an idiot button (auto) that works with the new high-torque motorised head to maximise battery life.

Dyson V11
V11 on left

If you saw the V11 and V10 side-by-side, it would be hard to tell, and all the accessories are backwards compatible so that may help decide which version you upgrade to.

Dyson V11
V11 on left

Test 1: A 65m2 apartment with 15m2 tiled floor and the rest a commercial short pile carpet and a large plush floor rug.

With the 2018 V10 set on medium suck with its direct drive cleaner head, it can vacuum the whole area in about 15-20 minutes and nearly exhausts the battery. Recharge time is under four hours.

The 2019 Dyson V11 ‘smarts’ don’t begin to kick in for a few vacuums. Those smarts revolve around telling you how much battery time you have left based on past use. We tested on Auto with the high torque motorised head (replaces both the V10 direct drive cleaner and Mr Fluffy heads).

In week one at the start it said 60 minutes remaining. After about five minutes of vacuum on auto (carpet) that had gone down to 48 minutes. After 15 minutes vacuuming, it said 27 minutes left (total 42 minutes).

In week two at the start it said 40 minutes remaining. After the same 15 minutes of vacuuming, it said 25 minutes left. (total 40 minutes)

So, in this test compared to the V10 lasting around 20+ minutes with the older direct drive head we expect 40+ minutes from a full charge.


First, the V11 has a 3600mAh versus 2600mAh battery – 38% more capacity and takes recharge time up to just under 5 hours.

Second, it has a new high-torque head and intelligence to vary the speed and suction for each surface.

We tested the torque head on manual settings on carpet – Low, Medium and Boost. Low ran for 60 minutes, medium for 40 minutes and Boost for 5 minutes. Obviously, the Auto setting favours low to medium speeds in a typical house.

Test 2: A home with a mix of a large shaggy room-sized rug, polished timber floors, two tiles bathrooms and sisal style carpet in three bedrooms. Approx. vacuum area 150m2 and vacuum time close to 45 minutes.

Here we compared the V11 with the incumbent LG A9 Master with two different motorised heads (hard floor and carpet) and two swappable batteries. Both can charge concurrently – one in the A9 and one in the dock.

The LG using two batteries lasts about 45-minutes. It does a great job, and we emptied the .44 litre dust bin twice (.88 litres).