It will also tell you if there is a blockage and how to clear it. Forget sucking up bowling balls as it will tell you it is blocked.

Batteries should last 500 recharges – at once a week that is ten years. In practice, they do lose the ability to recharge fully you need to replace it when it doesn’t hold a charge. That is fairly easy – just undo three Philips head screws. No prices are available yet but expect to pay around $200 for a genuine replacement and Dyson will dispose of the old one if asked.

Beware that you cannot use cheaper third-party battery packs in the V11 due to the high level of sensor, electronics and battery circuitry integration. To do so would make it no better than a V10.

GadgetGuy’s take: The Dyson V11 is impressive but so was the V10

Evolution, not revolution and I suspect there is a lot more than will happen with this handstick format in the V12, V13 etc.

One thing is for sure – handsticks are now officially the only way to go. Lighter, more powerful and more convenient – almost makes vacuuming a pleasure instead of a chore.

As I said earlier go to Godfrey and look closely at the stick vacs. Don’t be fooled by a bowling ball suction trick – that will burn-out a non-intelligent motor quick-smart.

Then pop into David Jones, JB Hi-Fi or the GoodGuys and spend some quality time with the Dyson V11. You may initially regret paying more, but you will never regret the quality and performance.

Oh. an if you want the Gold Absolute Pro it is exclusive to Dyson.

Dyson V11

Hands-on with the new Dyson V11 cord-free, handstick vacuum cleaner
Name: Dyson V11 Price (RRP): $1099/1199/1299 Manufacturer: Dyson
Sucks big time and is smart enough to know how much to suck – more than any other handstickThe Torque head replaces Mr Fluffy and Mr Floppy – convenientThe LCD is a first and far more useful than LED indicatorsAuto mode is idiot proofYou remember quality long after price is forgotten
Little heavier and longer recharge than the V10
Value for money
Ease of Use
4.9Overall Score
Reader Rating 4 Votes