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Hitachi DZ-MV730E
3.8Overall Score

Price (RRP): $1,099
Manufacturer: Hitachi

The question most will ask about the Hitachi DZ-MV730E is whether it is worth spending the extra money and getting its bigger brother, the 780E.  The major difference between the two is the size of the CCD sensor – 800K versus 1.4M. Both use an 8 cm DVD in either DVD-RAM or -R format.

In every day usage, the discerning video enthusiast will tell the difference in colour crispness and saturation due to the less sensitive CCD, but having said that, if you have budgetary constraints, the 730E is still a fine camcorder.

The DZ-MV730E shares the same controls as its sibling, as does it the 16X optical zoom, 16:9 widescreen recording capability and the ability to save photos to an SD card. Data is transferred from the 730E (and the 780E) via high speed USB 2.0.

Hitachi DZ-MV730E
Price (RRP): $1,099 Manufacturer: Hitachi
Quick start up time, compactness.
No DVD-RW option.
Value for money
Ease of Use
3.8Overall Score
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