With this massage cushion you get a two-year limited warranty. If you experience a mechanical fault, you can return the device to the store where you bought it and a replacement unit will be supplied by Homedics. If, for example, your dog chews on the power cord and damages it beyond repair, or you want to replace the cushion’s removable flap, Homedics will charge a small fee (about $30 for a new adapter or around $10-15 for a new flap).


The Homedics Shiatsu+ Massaging Cushion (SBM-310P) provides a very satisfying way to relax and unwind at home for a reasonable $299. I think it would make an ideal Father’s Day or Mother’s Day present for Mums or Dads of any age.

Homedics SBM-310P
Price (RRP): $299 Manufacturer: Homedics
Fits most chairs, affordable at-home massage, spot massaging options, full, upper and lower massage settings, dual massage mechanisms
Right handed controller operation only
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